3 years

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you a more personal blog post this week as I knew I just had to celebrate this milestone for both myself and Ash. Every year we have done something fun at our yearly marks and this year has been no different. 3 years ago on the 31st January […]

Finding my perfect foundation

I am so happy to be writing this. It has taken me almost 9 yes NINE years to find my perfect foundation. I have been wearing foundation since the age of 16 realistically, when I started going out into the working/educational world and since then I have tried out so many to match my skin. […]

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden #LetGo

Hello everyone! So here we have it, a brand new year and a brand new Blog post. As I waved goodbye to 2015 and all the life changing things the year did for me (my graduation, becoming an Aunt, getting my own flat with Ash, new job etc) I promised myself that this year I […]