5 Beauty Products I Couldn’t Live Without

Hello my lovelies!

I wanted to speak to you about something today that I know some readers may find helpful or fun to read as I know I LOVE reading other bloggers posts about current beauty favs. Well this is that, but it is also 5 products I couldn’t live without, and I mean COULD NOT live without. Some of these products that I am about to mention I have been using for YEARS and others I have discovered within the past year but can’t steer away from now…so here we go, 5 beauty products I literally can’t live without!


  1. Collection Cosmetics Bronze Glow – Now I know there are so many bronzers on the market now, what with contouring being at an all time high in women’s world, but I haven’t tried anything else. Well, actually that’s a lie. I have tried other bronzing products but it had no where near as good of an effect as this one does. I have probably been using this products for around 5 years now. The packaging has stayed somewhat the same and there are two shades of this that collection deliver – one in ‘Radiant’ and one in ‘Sunkissed’. Both are great but Radiant is more of a matte effect and Sunkissed has more of a shine and sparkle. I can’t go anywhere without applying a bit of bronzer even if I legit can’t be bothered to use anything else that particular day. Ever since I first tried this product I cannot get away from it. Nothing compares to you as Sinead O’Connor would say…


  2. Collection Cosmetics Last Imperfection Concealer – Ever since I saw Bloggers and YouTuber’s rave about this product I had to go and give it a go. At the time I first spotted this, I was using another concealer by a brand that Boots currently only stock and it was doing a good job but it was quite thick and hard to blend. I decided to give this product that everyone was raving about, a go, and quite frankly I honestly don’t know why I hadn’t used it before or waited so long to try it! I mainly use it to cover my dark under eye circles which are forever growing with the more hours I work (que note to self to drink more water)…but it is a fantastic little product that serves me well every morning. It’s also great to cover blemishes such as unwanted friends (spots) and blotchy patches and works so great with my current foundation by Kiko.
  3. Collection Cosmetics Kohl Eyeliner (Black) – Yes, I know what you are thinking, yet another make-up product by Collection. And, if you hadn’t gathered by now, they are (by far) my favourite due to the fact they are so affordable and easy to get hold of. This is another must have in my make-up bag due to the fact I have been using this product since I was a young teenager and also probably since I first discovered that make-up even existed. This pencil is my favourite, it’s super cheap and a nifty product for any occasion. I recently had someone laugh at me for still using Kohl eyeliner as ‘it’s so 60’s’ but I wouldn’t and couldn’t live without using it. My eyes generally feel naked and mole-rattish without it and the pencil lasts me bloody months!
  4. Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil (Dark Brown/Black) – As some of you may know I draw on my eyebrows from scratch, if you watch my Vlogs you will see me with and without eyebrows and it’s all down to this perfect product from Rimmel London. I haven’t had eyebrows from around the age of 20 now and drawing them on every day has just become part of my everyday routine. I love being able to draw on my own shape and luckily we now live in a beauty world where every girl is doing it! This pencil is really easy to use and comes with a brush on the end, even though I can’t use that part, I can imagine it would be great to those who need to smooth down those unwanted hairs. This product has generally given me more confidence and boosted my self-esteem. Everyone thinks my eyebrows are tattoo’d on (goes to show how great this pencil is, or that I have a VERY steady hand haha) I honestly couldn’t live without it.

  5. MUA Highligter (Peach Diamond) – I discovered highlighter a year ago when it became a ‘thing’ over on Pinterest. I’m sure every girl reading this can join me when I say that anything shiny and sparkly attracts the naked eye and highlighter does just that! I also discovered the wonderful brand of MUA and heard that their highlighters were to die for and very affordable. This one that I have loved ever since, retails at £3 and there are a few shades in the range which I think is great for varying skin tones. I have, so far, tried it in the shade ‘Iridescent gold’ and have now recently purchased ‘Peach Diamond’ which has the most beautiful pink shimmer to it. No matter what angle I try to take my photo’s from, the pictures just do not do it justice. I generally don’t know how I lived without highlighter before as if I don’t wear it now, I feel like a round dumpling. I love using my fan brush to apply this to my cheeks, forehead and nose and then use an eye shadow brush to apply it to the corners of my eyes to make them pop!
    So there we have it, my top 5 beauty products that I literally can’t live without. What would yours be if you could only choose 5? Have you tried any of the products I have mentioned? How did you find them? Don’t forget to comment below! 🙂

    Bye beauties! x


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