A Boots Exclusive Estée Lauder Lisa Perry Colour Pop Giftbag!


Boots are currently offering an exclusive ‘Colour Pop’ Estée Lauder gift bag with skin care/make up by the beautiful designer Lisa Perry which is available in store until until Saturday 23rd May 2015. The gift is available free with two or more Estée Lauder purchases which one to be skincare or foundation.
 I am very proud to now be the owner of one of these beautiful make-up bags filled with Estée Lauder treats, which was kindly given to me by the beautiful Mandie Savage in the Salisbury Boots store. She held great customer service skills and provided me with some great information on the products inside the make-up bag.

So what would I buy if I was to get this gift pack? I definitely think that the Estée Lauder ‘Double Wear Stay-in-place Foundation’ is a must! It has a very long wear (15 hours) so gives you the confidence to go out and about for the day without the worry of topping up your make up. It is also oil-free which prevents you from over-doing your make up and dabbing it with that extra powder and provides a semi-matte finish, so if you don’t suffer with oily skin in the first place, it won’t make you appear oily. I actually picked up a free 10 day sample of this foundation in the shade ‘Pebble’ which Mandie kindly picked out for me after judging my skin on its complexion and colour. She also recommended the Estée Lauder ‘Take It Away Makeup Remover’ which gently removes all your make-up at the end of the day. This fantastic product is designed for all skin types and you can apply it to dry skin, no need to use water – which I thought was brilliant! It smells gorgeous and leaves my skin feeling silky soft after use. So thank you Mandie for the great recommendation!

What do you get in the ‘Colour Pop’ make-up gift bag? 

1. Advanced Night Repair – Repairs every sign of age, every night (so probably for older skin). But I am 24 and have been using this at night after taking off my make-up and it has given my skin such a glow in the morning! Massage a small amount onto your face before going to sleep and wake up to fresher and more glowing skin.

  1. DayWear Crème – For normal or combi11198797_424714294366711_1701934197_nnation skin, this cream can be applied in the morning and evening as a moisturizer after the repair serum. It protects your skin and keeps it feeling soft and restored. I love the packaging of this product; it sits perfectly on my nightstand!
  2. DayWear BB Crème – For all skin types, this product is best used dotted over the skin and then blended for a softer and more natural finish which helps protect the skin and prevents against the first signs of aging. This can be used before applying your make up for a smoother complexion.
  3. Pure Colour Lipstick and Gloss – Since I decided to pick the ‘Candy’ make-up bag, the gloss and lipstick I got would be different to the other shade that is available. However this lipstick is great for some popping colour, but slightly more subtle. Blending with the gloss, it creates a lasting shimmer finish. I shall definitely be using this for those nights out!
  4. Sumptuous Extreme Mascara – Every make up bag is not complete without mascara, and I found it great that I could try out an EstéeLauder mascara for the first time. This mascara gives more volume and a fuller look to both the top and bottom lashes. I love sweeping this over my natural eyelashes but also applying to a false set of eyelashes if I prefer a darker look to my eye.
  5. Take It Away Makeup Remover – This was the product Mandie recommended to me when she was helping me find the right foundation for my skin! I could rave about this product now. The make-up bag offers quite a large bottle which I think is absolutely fantastic. If you are having trouble getting in the creases around your eyes, use a cotton bud to gently remove the make-up from the more delicate areas on your face.

My favorite products in the whole of this bag are the make-up bag itself, the DayWear crème and the Take It Away Makeup Remover. I love the design of the make-up bag with its retro style and I shall definitely be replacing my now messy make-up bag with this beautiful new one!

I just want to say a big thank you to Mandie Savage in the Boots Salisbury store for recommending and offering me with the chance to try out all these wonderful Estée Lauder products. She was very helpful, especially as I haven’t really ever tried Estée Lauder before. But I can surely say I will be forking out a bit more on my skincare regime in the future and I shall definitely be going back to Estée Lauder to re-purchase some of these great products, thanks to Mandie’s help and useful recommendations towards my skincare!


Will you be treating yourself to anything whilst this offer is still open? Have you used any of these products before?


Lily May x


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