A girly day in London

I love days where I can spend it with my friends, doing what we like, when we like and gallivanting around the city. Since moving to London, I never get tired of all the attractions, sights, bars, shops and people it has to offer. There is a quote which I found not too long ago ‘when you are tired of London, you are tired of life’ and I swear by this quote. There is so much to see and do, capturing little moments that you’ll remember for ages.

Yesterday, me and three friends decided to take a trip into central London, we were very lucky with the weather as it was a gorgeous, hot spring day with bright blue sky. Firstly, we went to visit one of London’s most popular attractions ‘The London Dungeons’. I went a few years ago with my boyfriend as a birthday treat and I was excited to go again, it was so much fun & being someone who jumps easily, it really wasn’t that scary!
After we left there we went for lunch at the Slug & Lettuce, if you don’t know what that is, it’s a ‘pub grub’ type of restaurant and it’s a chain in Britain that offer’s all sorts of yummy dishes! I opted for my usual pub meal, burger and chips, which probably wasn’t the best idea since I had devoured a lot of chocolate over Easter weekend but it’s too scrumptious not to resist! We then took a long stroll down Southbank, one of my most loved places to go in London. I love walking beside the Thames and watching all the buskers making their day’s earnings for entertaining tourists or passers by and yesterday, as the weather was so nice we all stopped by an ice-cream van and took upon the chance of getting an ice-cream each. Although quite pricey ( which has got to be expected in London) it was nice all the same!

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We stopped for a while in Southwark, just a little further on from Southbank, sat on a wall, and soaked up the sun. It was nice catching up, and the Thames down below sounded like waves at the beach as it was coming up onto the rocks. It was very relaxing to say the least!
Afterwards, we decided to try and find the rooftop bar at Madisons, and found it very easily right by St. Pauls Cathedral. If you haven’t been, you honestly must! You hop into a lift which takes you right the top of a small shopping presinct where there is a restaurant and cocktail bar. People seemed to be chilling up their in their lunch breaks, and we took some photos of the view and sat in the sun. We decided against the idea of getting a cocktail or mocktail, as it can be quite pricey (we are student’s after all!) But it was nice to see the hidden parts of London that you don’t usually see or know about on street level.
Eventually we said goodbye to the roof top and all the sun and headed back to University. I felt exhausted but very happy to have taken a break from my University work and explore more of London. I have posted a few little pictures of my day so you can take a peek!

Where are your favorite places to explore in London? Can you recommend any hidden gems?

Lily-May x




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