An Autumnal Walk

Today, I decided to venture out on a walk to a park near by to our flat. I was out last night and although I woke up fe2015-10-18 10.56.38eling a bit worse for wear (one too many cocktails, whoops!) It was so unbelievably refreshing to get some fresh air in my lungs and take some beautiful Autumnal photos for my blog and some beautiful video footage for my weekly Vlog I have been doing over on my YouTube channel (which is now uploaded as of today by the way if you want to go and take a sneaky peek!)

I am totally in love with Autumn this year. I have always loved this time of year from October-December and although I love Summer and the hotter weather, nothing beats Autumn with it’s cosy nights in now the evenings and mo2015-10-18 10.59.35rnings are getting darker. The tree’s in the park and their leave
s were so many colours, I never knew there were that many shades of red, green, brown and orange in the world. I also found a pretty lake which made me feel so peaceful and relaxed. Although I love living and working in London, sometimes it is nice to take yourself away and give yourself some head2015-10-18 11.25.48
space. This is definitely going to be my de-stressing spot whenever I feel the need to relax!

Do you like Autumn? Can you reco
2015-10-18 10.57.26mmend any other places in London that are great for walking in?

Lily May x


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