Autumnal Lipstick Shades

Around this time of year I absolutely love nothing more than the fashion. Everyone seems to make more of an effort with their appearance. Away go the bikini’s, shorts, crop tops and sandals and out come the chunky knit scarves, Chelsea boots and beige rain mac’s. Browns, reds, mustard yellows, burgundy’s and beige’s are always the ‘in’ colours of autumn and I simply love EVERYTHING.
One thing I have been trying out recently are new make up looks. I’ve purchased myself a brand new set of make-up brushes (16 in total) from eBay.img_0921 Being honest they were only cheap but as I am starting out in changing up my make-up – trying out eye-shadows for the first time, using more highlight and contour and wearing new lipstick shades, I thought it would be a good idea not to spend £60 on a Spectrum collection in case I end up ruining them all!
Eye-shadow shades I have been loving have tended to be more on the neutral side (think gold, light browns, musky whites and reds) especially from my lovely samples from Mary Kay, but lipstick however has been bolder for a more statement piece to my overall look at the weekends.
This little gem from H&M has started me off wanting more and more lipsticks to add to my collection. First of all the cute gold and white packaging is very eye catching and looks great in any make-up bag or clear drawer. Secondly, the colour ‘Mauveine Queen’ has got me lusting after more Autumnal berry purple and red shades. One person I have to thank is Candice Brown from the Great British Bake Off as she is now well known for her different coloured lipsticks every week. After seeing her in the first week with a gorgeous purple shade I just HAD to go out and buy my own. This photo makes it look slightly more pinker than usual but in real life it’s more of a darker and deeper purple making any lip a bolder statement!

What fashion statement pieces have you been loving this Autumn? Can you recommend any other good Lipstick shades?


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