Beauty on a Budget

Hey beauties!

I wanted to share a few of my most recent fav beauty purchases with you which I think are TOTALLY worth sharing. All of the items shown in my flat lays are items that cost £5 and UNDER. I know, I know I am totally winning at life right now with these gorgeous new purchases but I just had to share them with you…so keep on reading.

Living in London its hard to buy expensive make-up. In fact, I can’t just use living in London as an excuse for that…if you’re a girl like me that has to budget on a regular basis you will know that it is SUPER hard to keep up with the latest wants featured on social media. Especially when you have ‘X’ amount to live with weekly. I have recently ventured out to see what other brands I can find that do just as good a job as other ‘higher end’ brands and I haven’t been disappointed yet!

Brand Numero 1: MUA (Make Up Academy Professional) It’s no word of a lie that I am not the only blogger or YouTuber out there who has only just noticed this brand. Stocked in Superdrug and VERY affordable, this brand aims to deliver high quality make up for a lower price. I recently ventured out to find a setting powder in order to be able to learn to contour properly and noticed a ‘Revolution Banana powder‘ in Superdrug. I picked it up as I had previously gone into Superdrug and couldn’t find a cheaper alternative. UNTIL TODAY HUNNIES, UNTIL TODAY! I walked in and double checked the MUA beauty counter & there it was, in it’s gleaming glory. Their brand new ‘ultra-fine loose setting powder‘ in very glam packaging, I didn’t even think at that point, I just picked it up and bought it quickly without re-thinking my options. I have already tried, tested and LOVE the stuff. It’s perfect. Just what I needed, and at £4 it was £1 cheaper than the Banana powder by brand ‘Revolution’. It also reminds me of the Instafix setting powder that Primark stock too..

Brand Numero 2: Poundland’s very own range (Make up Gallery) Now after seeing various YouTube video’s and blogs on Poundland’s range I was quite skeptical of trying out their stuff if I’m being honest, so I decided to purchase this ‘foundation sponge’ instead (as it is not even pay-day for me yet & I am struggling to afford an actual beauty blender). After only trying it ONCE I am totally in love. I shall see how I get on with this as if softens up more and as time goes by, but it was super easy to apply my bronzer onto my cheek bones, as it comes in a cone shape. It was also very easy to use in order to dab out the loose powder by MUA under my eyes to create an even glow. 

Brand Numero 3: Technic I actually found this brand via Twitter, having seen other Blogger’s have a chat about their products. After reaching out to them and seeing where they stock their products they kindly offered to send me some of their make-up for me to trial! They sent me the MEGA MATTES eye shadow pallet in nude colours and their eye shadow blending brush (orange brush in the picture). Both which I am in love with and both which I have been using like there is no tomorrow! First of all, I am in love with every single colour in the pallet. Admittedly, I am yet to try out the darker colours as I am a bit skeptical on how I am going to create my first ever smokey eye look BUT I have been using the lighter colours to blend daily and I love, love, love, love them! I use a combination of my Lydia Professional brushes I found over on eBay and the Technic brush they sent over.




Have you tried any budget make-up ranges or brands? Have you tried any of the products I have spoken about, or can you recommend any to me? Let me know in the comments my lovelies!




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