Dry Brush Cleaning with Shadow Switch!

I have been meaning to post this blog ever since I got my first set of make-up brushes – yipee! I know, I am a little late on the band wagon with all of this. Truth is, up until now I have been wearing the same make up every day, using the same products for years on my face. This is mainly due to just knowing what works best for my skin (non-irritable products) and also because, quite frankly, I like it that way. The only time I would ever change up my make-up routine would be on a night out, where I would apply a bright lippie shade and apply a pair of false eyelashes to make my eyes feel wider and prettier. img_1218
Recently, I have been having a re-arrange of my fashion style and this mainly includes make-up. I have been viewing loads of your lovely videos and tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest and couldn’t help but feel somewhat jealous of the amazing skills girls have today in order to create these gorge new make-up looks! So I decided to venture out, find some cute eye shadow shades (neutrals for now), highlighters, bronzers etc etc. With that – obviously I needed the right brushes to apply these products and I decided to go cheap this time in case I didn’t like it or broke the make-up brushes in the process…queue every beauty/make-up artists nightmare! I purchased these cute make up brushes on Ebay by ‘Lydia Professional’. I know my ones in the pictures are slightly different to the one’s in the link (sorry!) but I couldn’t find the ones I had purchased. They do, however, do some other gorgeous colours and ranges and if I need to replace any of mine in the future or recommend any to other starters out there like me I know where to go. I honestly couldn’t believe how cheap a set of 16 were. I don’t know if I will ever use all of them but they include brushes for literally EVERYTHING. Contour, blush, bronze, foundation, lip, mascara….you name it, it’s there. I also couldn’t believe just how soft they were. I was expecting, for the price, harsh bristles, but no, these are like a soft blanket to my skin. img_1216

After using my new brushes a fair few times I set out to see how other girls clean their brushes. It was then that the lovely Dee&Co sent me an amazing tool from Beauty Essentials to help me clean my brushes without the time consuming mess it would usually take. This starts with this beautiful product called the Shadow Switch. Now, realistically this is designed for eye shadow brushes when you are doing ombre looks and need to switch between colours but don’t want to end up with the wrong colour…following? But I have also sneakily been using them for my blusher and bronzer brushes too! Basically you swift your brush around in a clockwise motion in between creating your look and voila the eye shadow/excess powder is off your brush quicker than you can say ‘I love Autumn!’ I’m thinking this is very apt. for girls who are doing gorgeous looks for a night out but don’t have the time to keep washing and drying in between, am I right?
This is an up and coming brand suited to making girls lives a little easier and the shadow switch currently retails at £5.99 on Amazon with free delivery which is such a bargain. The best thing I love about this product is that it is perfect for people who just cannot wait for their brushes to be washed and dry within 24 hours. Now you have the perfect product in a neat little tin right on your make up table. It is recommended that you clean the dry sponge with warm water every 2 months for hygiene reasons and prevent that build up like it would do on your brush, but no one wants un wanted bacteria which could lead to spots do we?!img_1217

Thank you so much to Dee&Co and Beauty Essentials for sending over this product, it’s something I will be recommending to all girls from now on! Please also check out Beauty Essentials over on their Twitter so you can keep up to date with all their snazzy products!

What do you think? Do you have this too? Is it something you would be interested in?