First Impressions: Lisa Blur London Make Up

I generally forget that newer make-up brands exist. Of course I know there are brands out there creating new make up looks every day and every one has been recently raving over the new range by Rihanna, Fenty Beauty. But I like to delve a bit deeper when it comes to secret and hidden make up brands. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd much (in other words being a sheep) nor have I been one to follow said make up trends. However, one thing I do know is that I LOVE finding out about brands no one else seems to know much about and helping them to get the word out there. I get so stuck in my rut of using high street and drug store make up that I have to also stick my hands up and say that I fail to look around for something new and exciting to get my hands on!

A bit about the company

Lisa Blur London was created for people who have a passion and love for make up and everything that comes with that such as natural beauty and confidence. They specialize in building on that natural beauty and turning it into a stronger look with definition. All their products are hypoallergenic and are both long lasting and super easy to apply!
They are also VERY affordable IMO and suit all skin types down to the ground. They cater for many different skin colours and even throw in the perfect accessories to make applying make up easier, especially for early learners (like me). Another aspect of the brand is that the beautiful people over at Lisa Blur are super helpful and are very contactable with any questions you may have which makes choosing the perfect make up to match YOU a lot easier.

The Products

I was very lucky enough to receive 2 items from Lisa Blur London to try and see what I thought & then review them. After letting them know I was super keen to write up a blog post and include them on some of my YouTube videos they were very kind to let me work with them on these ideas I had. As I mentioned above, I love nothing more than helping a fellow GAL out so obviously I was super excited to receive the items, try them out and spread the word out there about a FANTASTIC company. I have managed to create an autumnal look with the two gorgeous items I received as they match neutral and golden colours.

Nude Matte Lipstick ‘Whirly Girl’ 
£15.00 – Online price

This was my first time trying a more pricier lipstick and would usually be out of my price budget range BUT first and foremost I was so stoked at the packaging – with it’s sick and chic look, I thought this would be a great work accessory to have in your bag AND it’s a perfect shade for autumn. The first thing I noticed about this lipstick was the creamy consistency of it on my lips. It felt extremely moisterising which is a bonus compared to some of the matte lipsticks I have bought in the past. There were no flakes and no dry lips after having it on for a little while and that could be down to the fact this lipstick also contains vitamin E. It’s super long lasting and extremely pigmented, in fact I have admittedly mixed this with my Rimmel London ‘Cappuccino’ lip pencil for a bolder look.

Ultra Blush ‘Flutter’
£15.00 – Online price

This natural and nude pink blush was something that caught my eye on one of Lisa Blur London’s Instagram posts as it’s JUST the colour I love for a blush. Pink, matte (with a slight shimmer) and suits my brunette colouring down to a T. Again, the same with the Lipstick they send me, it’s highly pigmented which means it’s very long lasting and spreads very evenly over my chosen foundation for the day. This is gorgeous for a more natural make-up day or applied on slightly heavier for a bolder night-time look and suits all skin tones and eye colours which makes it suitable for absolutely everyone. The packaging with this one is again, very slick and chic and I can imagine ending up with the entire make up collection from Lisa Blur London looking beautifully stashed in clear plastic drawers!

I’m generally so impressed by Lisa Blur London and for discovering them via their Instagram . So what other products would I like to try? I am very intrigued by their foundations, eye shadows and brushes so before Christmas swallows my money up whole, I may have to treat myself to a few more things from their current collection. They also currently have a sale over on their website so if you’re quick – head over there now to grab some cheaper goodies!

I’d love to know your thoughts and comments on this upcoming brand so let me know in the comments below if you’ve stumble across Lisa Blur’s make-up and what you’ve tried. Or, if you haven’t yet – what you would like to try!

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