First Impressions: A Peek into Temple Spa’s New Make Up!

It never gets boring for me when I come home to receive some blogger mail. Back in the summer, Temple Spa were kind enough to send me some of their glowing skin make up products and my review on the bronzer, face mask and skin defence cream got SO much attention! I was quite shook to see just how many people had heard of this brand, because I certainly hadn’t before this year and I was super stoked to finally be jumping on the band wagon.

Recently, they got in touch and kindly sent me over two new products that have just recently been released to try, and then review. If you follow my social media, you guys will already know how much I rave about this brand so I was even more excited to try their make up this time. If you want to know more about the company, check out my last post as I explain briefly what this fab brand is all about. So let’s just get straight into it shall we…


First of all, before I start showing off the beautiful pictures of these fab products and go on about how much I love them already – imagine a scene where someone opens a present, open mouthed and gasping…eyes on stalks etc. This was me when I opened the beautiful package Temple Spa had sent me. I’m sure you have already of guessed why. Yes, the slick silver design of these. Both which generally don’t deserve to be in my messy and unorganized make-up bag but which both have now been found a place on my super cute clear drawers I purchased from Primark a while ago now. I can’t hide these, I can’t put them away because they look so high-end and expensive and I for one am not used to owning such beautiful make up, so why not display them?!

A Stroke of Genius ‘The little black dress for the lashes!’
Oh my dear good lord above. This is BY FAR the best mascara I have ever and I mean ever tried. Okay, so it retails at £20 but in my eyes it is worth EVERY penny. First of all, I am in LOVE with brush wands. I find plastic and rubber wands with their bristles really harsh for my eyelashes and I often find myself stabbing myself in the eye. But no, not with this beauty. The wand is long and thin and this helps to get to literally every lash, long, small, thick, thin – you name it. I even had someone ask me at work the other day if I was wearing false eyelashes and I said ‘no hun, just this fab new mascara I’ve been sent, you should try it…it’s like a whole new set of eyelashes for my face!’ This mascara also contains conditioning serum which helps to prolong the life of your natural lashes and leaves them feeling nourished, with fuller and voluptuous ready for any occasion. The reason for this is that it includes plant peptides and antioxidant vitamins which maintains your eye locks healthy length. I haven’t found this mascara to be flaky, drying or clumping and it has lasted me all day, which is great when you are on the go from 7am until 7pm!

Glint Shadow Concealer ‘When you need a miracle!’
When I first took this out of it’s little box, this actually reminded me of YSL’s ‘Touche Eclat’ apart from the fact it is silver in design. Plus it actually retails a whole £5.50 cheaper at £20.00 which is the same as the mascara (perfect little combo!) It’s intention is to hide skin flaws, fine lines (not to be confused with actually getting rid of wrinkles) and evens out skin tone. This actually arrived at the perfect time as I had just been on my monthly which means that my face tends to break out during this time. So in comes Glint, in all its super power glory and hides all my ‘friends’ that pop up on my face! Not only that, but it has helped to hide my dark under eye circles which I mainly get from long days at work – which can’t be helped, but can be covered. It has been a perfect shade to pop over my foundation and is suited for all skin types which means it will adapt to the colour you need it to be (blending is your friend). It’s also very watery based which makes it a lot easier to soak into your skin making me think that this actually contains a moisterising ingredient. It’s rich in anti-aging pomegranate and raspberry oil which is a great ingredient to help re-hydrate tired looking eyes. I am already OBSESSED with this product & am trying not to click it too much in case I waste it all in a matter of days. You really will see the difference this has on your skin!

A huge thank you to Temple Spa for sending me some new products to try – keep an eye on my blog for future collabs with this amazing brand as I could have something Christmassy coming in the pipeline soon. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried these new products and if so, let me know your thoughts.

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