First time Vlogging

So I did it, I took the plunge & decide to Vlog for the first time ever. It’s taken me a few weeks to write up this blog post just because I’ve been so busy with a big thing called life!
You can find me on YouTube here: Lily May (just click the name!) Where you will then be able to view all my latest videos, click the cheeky subscribe button and like my videos! I have so far, uploaded one Vlog of one of my week’s I had when I went home for a weekend from University & also a monthly favourites. This got put up a little bit before the end of the month, but I was really excited to upload my first monthly favourites video so I hope you like all the things I had to share this month!

Excuse the massive play button on my nose, how convenient!

What do you think? If you are new to Vlogging and would like me to subscribe to your channel please let me know, I love to find new people to watch on a daily basis!

Lily-May x


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