My Halloween Look with Dust & Dance Glitter!

Hello lovelies!

It’s no joke when it comes to Halloween it is seriously a blogger’s favourite time of year! I see posts left, right and center on my Twitter feed about new Halloween looks via YouTube and personal blogs and this year I decided to bite the bullet and make my own (and first!) Get Ready With Me Halloween edition. I filmed this for my YouTube channel initially, using my trusty Iphone 6s Plus for all the footage as I STILL do not own a digital camera. One day I will, but when you live in London and have rent and bills to pay for along with that graduated student debt… it’s hard to save. UNBELIEVABLY HARD. But my phone never lets me down and actually my videos do come out as quite good quality!

I was actually supposed to have a team from a company to come and film with me but unfortunately let me down and never replied to my various emails…even after we had set a date! Cheeky and naughty. But being a blogger and getting recognition for your blog by working with companies I am sure it will not be the last company that lets me down and now, I have learnt to accept that! Anyone else out there had this problem?!

Anyway negativity aside I wanted to show you how I decorated my flat for Halloween and also how I did my make up. I actually think I did a pretty darn good job at filming this video, especially as it was a mad rush against light before it got dark (which is does, verrrrrrry early now the clocks have gone back!) I wanted to try something different for my channel and I was so pleased at how much great response I got as well as realising I have almost hit 170 subscribers! It may not seem much to some, but to me it’s not about the subscriber count but about enjoying my content and filming for my channel, making memories and looking back on great moments.

One company which saved my life was the beautiful Dust & Dance Glitter . I ordered a small pot of their ‘Magician’ glitter to create my skull look for my channel. Their glitter did not disappoint and they really helped me to finish off the look I was going for. I decided to mix the glitter in with a L’oreal Pro hair spray rather than gel which I have seen everyone doing as I was a bit worried it would make my hair greasy. This stuff literally made it stick like glue! You can see how I apply this in my video above and what brushes I used to help me do this part of the look. I was so impressed with their glitter and have since been back to their website to see what else they have on offer (I am so excited to see what their Christmas collection looks like!!)


About the Company

Dust and dance are a company that sell chunky glitter for those festival looks and amazing make up vibes. The company was only founded in 2015 after the owner (Claire) went off in search for some glitter for her own look but couldn’t find what she wanted! Luckily, with her background and amazing persistence it definitely paid off as she created the gorgeous Dust & Dance to help other’s create those sparkly looks everyone has been craving for all of 2016! The nicest thing about buying a little pot of glitter is that some of the money you purchase it with (10%) goes to a charity called Young Minds which helps young people to be able to voice about their own mental health and well-being. So whilst you’re busy slapping that sparkle on your face, you are also helping get somebody else’s sparkle back which I loveeee the idea of!! They show off all of their user’s looks by featuring them on their Instagram and website and taking note of everyone that buys from them which I think is great customer service with a friendly feel!


I want to say a hugeeeee thank you to Dust & Dance for saving my Halloween look and also for providing me with some fabulous glitter fun….I will be back to buy even more!

So there we have it, my Halloween look for 2016! Can’t believe it has come and gone again. Have you been let down by a company before with another company swooping in to save the day? Let me know in the comments below! Check out my video and please don’t forget to like and subscribe for regular Vlogs every weekend 🙂

Spook ya later!


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