Joining the #LashGang with Nouveau Lashes!

Hello everybody I am back during a lovely week off from work and I have a false eyelashes review for you! These eyelashes in all their glory and the eyelash/eyebrow care is from Nouveau Lashes which specialises in lash extensions, false eyelashes and the natural care of your luscious eyelid locks.
When I attended the Beauty Blogger awards at Kensington Olympia a few weeks back I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers to sign up to Nouveau lashes who were reaching out for new and smaller bloggers to try out their lashes. I jumped at the chance of this due to the fact I have little/no eyelashes, so putting falsies on, on a night out is what makes me feel prettier and girlier.


When I went home and browsed their website, I noticed that these lashes and their appointment extensions are in fact 100% natural and cruelty free meaning that no animals (or humans) were harmed in the making of them which is great for Vege’s and Vegan’s out there or anyone (like me) that cringe at the thought of animals being put through pain for human’s greedy beauty regimes.

So what do Nouveau Lashes offer at their participated salons?

LVL Treatment – LVL is set to straighten out your natural eyelashes to make them feel and look fuller and longer in just 40 minutes. This treatment stays this way for 6-8 weeks depending on the person and thickness of the individual eyelashes. Also, when you nurture them with the Lash and Brow conditioning treatment they are bound to stay looking that way for much longer than without the use of this nifty product! This treatment costs £45 which isn’t bad considering it’s not like a usual eyelash perm and you can search for your nearest salon over on Nouveau Lashes website.

SVS Treatment – SVS is a unique lash extension treatment which has been developed to extend the natural health of your own eyelashes. This means that during the treatment your own eyelashes aren’t harmed during the process but a look is also designed to suit you. The look you require can range for more natural to voluminous looks depending on what you’re after! All details of this treatment can be found over on the SVS section of Nouveau lashes website too! This process takes a similar time to LVL but can cost between the range of £45-75 but sooo worth it if you want a new look altogether!


Lash and brow conditioning serum

For me as I have suffered with loss of eyelashes ever since I was little, using their false eyelashes are more suitable and best for my style. They have some amazing sets that suit my needs when I pop them on for a night out! I just want to add that even though this is the case for me, using the lash conditioning serum on the eyelashes I do have has helped to strengthen and maintain them as much as I can and is also great to prep and prime your lashes ready to pop your mascara or falsies on over the top!

Now moving on to the #LashGang and Nouveau’s Blog! As mentioned above, now I decided to review Nouveau Lashes I am now part of the blogging community and Lash Gang at Nouveau lashes which has come at such a good time for me. I absolutely love nothing more than trying out brands which I feel will really boost my own confidence and self esteem and my first package from them did not disappoint! I was kindly sent over so many products to test and trial and I can honestly say I love every single one of them. The eyelashes are fantastic and taking pre-night out selfies with them never got me so many Insta likes! I am also super impressed at their love for their bloggers over on their blog section of their website as they feature other Lash Gang members. I love reading this section so I can see how others got on with these products too.

First of all I got sent three eyelashes to trial out which each consisted of their own style and judging them by their looks I think they varied from Natural to medium to the full volumised look. Style 1 was the most volumised whereas style 3 was the most natural. I loved this, only because I can also have a little go at trialing out a more natural look if I went out to an event like dinner rather than the darker look for a night out. The first pair you can see pictured on my eyes in the photo, (bad blogging for not taking photos before hand!) but I feel you can still see the gorgeous length of these here. The other two pairs you can see pictured down below have a more natural and subtle look but still look fabulous.


Strip lash adhesive

Just a quick note that each pair in their packaging comes with a cute pot of glue which is great to throw in a handbag for travel size! I was also given TWO full sized bottles of the stuff. I am honestly going to have lash glue lasting an age but it all comes in handy as I tend to constantly loose my bottles of glue so I am so grateful to literally have the stuff coming out of my ears!


Eye make up remover

This gel like formula is designed to gently remove eye make up. I was not overally sure how to remove the make up but I used cotton wool pads to do this as it is more gentle on my skin and around the eye area. This stuff I saved for when I had my night out and wanted to get off that sticky glue that tends to get stuck the morning after (I never remember to take off my make up at 3am). I was so surprised at how quickly this lifted off my glue, mascara, eyeliner and eye…..dust! You name it, it was gone! This stuff is also suitable for the SVS and LVL treatments that you can have done in their participating salons as it is an hypoallergenic formulation that is gentle on even the most sensitive of eyes (queue my problems!).


So here’s my review on the beautiful brand Nouveau Lashes who I shall hopefully be working closer with over the next few months! If you are un-sure on any of their products or treatments available head on over to their website where you can find all the information you will need to perfect those flickers! Let me know also if you have any questions about any of the products I received. I am going to be using all of these very often now.

Let me know what you thought in the comments below if you are part of the #LashGang! Have you tried any of the Nouveau Lash range or treatments?

N.B. I just want to say thank you to Nouveau lashes also for sending this parcel out to me TWICE, and taking their time, effort and money to do this. Looks like there was a greedy neighbour that signed for my parcel & never handed it over…that’s London for you!