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Hi all! So pleased that I have a weekend free to be able to blog a few little treats from LUSH that I was kindly given to try out. Some of these will definitely be getting a mention in my end of August favourites which I want to film before I head back to work over on my YouTube Channel. I have also been updating my YouTube like mad over the past few weeks that I have been off work for the Summer holidays so if you haven’t yet caught up please head on over and take a look as to what I have been up too.
This week I popped into the LUSH at Waterloo station in London as I was around the area and bought an Ickle Baby Bot which I love. It’s so affordable at £1.95 and I can’t wait to have a nice hot bath with it before bed. The women who served me also kindly gave me some samples of products to try out as I have been looking into changing up my skin care routine for a while now. It’s also nice to see what LUSH currently has in their range for those of you who may be wanting to try out something new like me or have just stumbled across my blog because you are also in love with LUSH products just as much as I am! I know the products I have used are hard to see from the picture I have posted in this blog but I have added links to all the products used on their website so you can get a closer look at what it looks like as well as all the ingredients within each product and the prices.**

1. Cup O’ Coffee –  Oh my god! Let me tell you when I say this product is amazing it really is! This exfoliating face mask rejuvenates the skin making it feel soft and smooth after. The real coffee beans in the mask exfoliate your face when putting it on and washing it away with warm water after. I have managed to get a good 3 uses out of this small sample pot so you can understand that a little bit goes a long way. The rich smell of coffee is perfect for a morning cleanse (probably best after a night out!) And left my skin feeling revitalized. This is a product I would love to re-purchase and not only when payday hits. It is totally affordable and for a good amount too!  IMG_0257

2. Five O’Clock Whistle – This shaving cream is one like any other. When putting it on it won’t lather up like other shaving creams I have tried but instead moisturizes in nicely leaving your skin feeling silky soft after a good shave. The smell of Limes is empowering for the smell senses but not harmful for your skin. The only thing I would say about this product is that as it includes Olive Oil to condition the skin it clogs up your razor and is hard to clean out after. Could this be different with a more pricey-er razor? I am un-sure but still a very good product and leaves your skin feeling less dry and more quenched.

3. Jersey Bounce – Stepping up from their well-known ‘BIG’ shampoo, LUSH have given us a whole new look on Shampoo. Jersey Bounce is quite like BIG in the fact it makes your hair thicker and feeling richer in smells but without the drying side which BIG can tend to do with it’s larger lumps of Salt. As I currently have coloured hair I felt this made my hair feeling stronger and after applying and washing out I could feel this effect with my hands. I actually doubled this up with a LUSH conditioner which leads me on to product number 4.

4. Avocado Co-Wash – The first thing that sold me on this product was the smell. Oh my god! It is indescribable and the only thing I can literally compare it to is the smell of walking into a LUSH shop! It is probably the best smell I have ever had from any product I have ever used so I am hoping that LUSH never change the ingredients to this amazing product. Again, the smell of lime awakens your senses and made me feel more awake. As described by the lady who gave it to me it is best suited for Afro-Caribbean hair which was perfect for Ash. He used it the day I bought it home and now wonders why I can’t stop feeling his hair & sniffing it! It’s conditioning treatment leaves your hair feeling well nourished and softer. When combining this with Jersey Bounce for my own hair it left me feeling like I had given my hair an amazing treatment. I can only imagine these two products together will do wonders in the colder months when hair is more prone to dryness.

5. Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream – This product provides a strong citrus smell with a softer cleansing cream whilst you shower. Although I liked this product and it’s vibrant yellow colour which I can only assume comes from the natural fruit oils that are included in the ingredients, I found it to be a little bit too runny for my liking for a shower cream. That does not mean to say it did not do a good job though and therefore did leave my skin feeling well cleansed and a lot softer ready for moisturizing when I got out of the shower.

So there we have it! 5 product reviews for 5 amazing LUSH samples. Thank you very much to the lady in LUSH Waterloo (sorry I didn’t catch your name!) Who took the time to help me find some new exciting products from the store. I really enjoyed trying out something new and being able to blog about my experiences with these products.

Have you tried any of the LUSH products mentioned above? Could you recommend any that you think I may like to try?




**All opinions within this blog are all my own and I do not guarantee that they will work for you but when I write a review I want to be as truthful as possible as to how they worked for me! I just hope you enjoy them all as much as I did!


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