Moving into my first flat!

After writing out this blog and my laptop crashing I am sat here trying to remember what I wrote. So here goes!
On the 20th August, myself and Ash moved into our first new flat together. It has been great getting everything ready for the weeks leading up to our move and we managed to get a lot of furniture off freecycle which was kindly given to us. This helped us to gather the basic bits of furniture we needed for the flat for free! The rest of the stuff we bought after saving and took a little evening trip to IKEA and morning trip to John Lewis and Argos to get some more bits we thought we needed for the flat.
Even though I moved out of my home in Salisbury at the age of 22 I still felt like university was a security blanket and now that we have finally moved into our own place, being able to collect our own things it feels great! Both me and Ash have waited a whole year from the day he asked me to move with him and even though at times it felt like the weeks were going so slowly, the day finally arrived. We still have a few bits to get for the flat (including a sofa) but we are getting there and we feel proud of what we have achieved!
The first night I stayed here I found the road so noisy as we live just on a high street and I hadn’t lived on a main road since I was 10 years old. But that feeling soon went and as the saying goes ‘London never sleeps’, I feel so happy to be here, full of young and inspiring people, London feels like a great new home!

As I have been vlogging a lot more than I have been blogging recently, I have vlogged parts of our move for you all to see. It is the first in a series of moving vlogs as once the flat is entirely completed I want to film an updated flat tour showing you my favourite things and where they are from!
What do you think guys?



Lily-May x