My 3 current skin favourites

I have always been one to suffer from dry skin whatever the season, and it’s always been a nuisance for me to find products that help my skin, until I found Palmer’s Cocoa Butter which has helped my dry skin dramatically over the past few years.
However, last Summer, for a reason I cannot explain my skin took a different route and I broke out (mainly on my forehead) in spots. I have never been one to suffer with bad skin, in fact people have always commented how flawless my skin looks, so I could not understand why this was happening. Ever since then, I have been trying everything to get my skin back to the way it was. It sounds silly, but I actually preferred my dryer skin in relation to breaking out constantly!
After researching into forehead breakouts all over the internet, face-mapping images and websites were telling me it was down to four things; stress, too much alcohol, too much junk-food and a lack of sleep. I couldn’t fathom how this could be affecting my skin, because I don’t go out and drink every week, I make sure I sleep well and get at least 7-8 hours a night, I do eat junk-food occasionally but since I have been trying to loose weight my diet has been very healthy. Then, stress….well, I do get stressed but I wouldn’t say severely stressed to the point it would show. After researching further into bad skin, it lead me to believe that I should try foods such as; healthy greens (so fruit and veg) which I eat a lot of anyway and leaving my face for long periods of time without make-up etc, all of which I tried and alas! Still no luck.
About a month ago I spoke to my best friend about trying out some multi-vitamins as the only other explanation I could think of was that I was leaving out a vital vitamin needed for healthy skin from my diet. So I popped to Tesco and got a box of 30 multi-vitamins + cod liver oil, thinking it would literally be my last resort. I also decided that changing my foundation (which was quite heavy before) to a lighter one, may help.
After nearly a month of purchasing two amazing products my skin is clearer, but back to it’s dry self and I honestly could not be happier. In fact, because I was getting spots I was too scared to moisturize my face for ages in case it made it too oily, but now I am feeling like I need to go back to using my cocoa butter as my skin is starting to look dryer again!

Right, lengthy explanation over, here are the two amazing products I have used, along with a last little beauty product I wanted to find space to blog about.

2015-02-27 09.46.21


Maybelline New York dream flawless nude fluid-touch foundation (20 cameo beige eclat)

This was actually on an introductory offer when I bought it (£5.99) which I thought was a brilliant price range for me. I don’t like to spend more than £8 on a foundation because I always feel like, in one way or another, they do the same job. This product is AMAZING. As soon as it touches my skin it gives a flawless coverage and applies so easily to my face. You only need a little bit as it goes a long way and although the bottle does not look that big, I can see it lasting me for a good few months. The only thing I am not sure about with this product is the applicator. It’s a one drop applicator although I am a little un-sure how to use this, my theory is, is that you drop it onto your finger before applying…or the other alternative is to drop on your face which could prove a little awkward. Maybe a little brush on the end would be more useful to apply? Either way I am going to be re-purchasing this over and over.

Tesco Multi-vitamins + cod liver oil 

What you see is what you get with multi-vitamins to be honest. But all I will say is that if you feel like you aren’t getting enough vitamins or nutrients into your diet, this is the one for you. As I mentioned above it has cleared up my skin dramatically. I just take one a day with my breakfast and then I know I haven’t forgotten to take my daily dose of healthiness! Overall, this contains vitamins; A, D, E, K, C, thiamin, vitamin B1, riboflavin and vitamin B2 (if you don’t know what they are, I suggest google for a good search!)

Seventeen phwooar paint – heavy duty under eye concealer (fair)

“The one. The hard core concealer to wage war on under eye circles.”
This definitely does what it says on the little pot. I actually tried this for the first time when a friend recommended it to me for a night out. I just needed something to cover my previous spot blemishes and this certainly did the job! I do use it for under eyes as well, but I feel this is more perfect for those horrible spots when you get them! I think this is a perfect price for what it does (£5.49) and the packaging looks like it could be out of Benefit, Mac or something similar. Again, with this, a little bit goes a long way so I can see this lasting me for months.

So, there we have it, my top current 3 skin favorites! What do you use on your skin to get rid of those nasties? Can you recommend anything that you think would help my skin even more?

Lily-May x