My birthday gifts!

My poor blog has taken a back seat whilst my Vlogging has taken a lift off in the online world. In all honesty although I am really enjoying Vlogging at the moment, my WordPress account is really tricky to get into and my password never works whenever I feel the urge to blog about a product or a certain type of haul!

This month (I say month because I am generally awful at keeping this up) I have specifically Vlogged about the gifts I received for my birthday back at the end of May. Yes, I turned the big 25! I still have to pinch myself every day and remind myself I am this age because I do not think that I look or feel it! With my birthday going on, I have also now moved out of University and into the big wide adult world. Although I am staying in London I have also been flat hunting with my boyfriend Ash for our new little London home to move into in August before I start my big adult job in September…scary stuff!

So here we have it, along side a very hectic month I managed to upload and edit this Vlog of all my beautiful birthday gifts I received. Please note: I am in no way bragging about what I got, I just thought that some of you may like to see what I got in case any of you see anything for yourselves that you may like to buy 🙂

So please head on over to my Youtube channel or watch my birthday gifts video here. You can search for me on YouTube as Lily May and a selection of my videos should come up. I love Vlogging and although I am still not an expert at it, it’s been a great side hobby to sink my teeth into!

What do you think? Do you Vlog and would like me to check out your channel? Have you seen anything here you will be wanting to purchase for yourselves?

Lily-May x


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