New Year, new website, blog and name!

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So I have been given the best Christmas present from my brother and that is a brand spanking new blog, my own website name and along with that came a new name! I chose my first blog name on a whim, just because I was so desperate and excited to set my blog up. Lily-Oi never really had a catchy name to it, I just wanted to make sure I had something in place for me to start a blog. I have to admit, choosing a new name was not an easy task for me either, but when I came up with the name Lily-May (Lily obviously being my name and May being my birth month) I just knew I HAD to have it as my new blog name! Unfortunately, LilyMay was already set up as somebody else’s website name. So that is why I decided on Iamlilymay. I feel this name is more suitable for my blog and more suited to me as a person.
I am so very thankful to my brother for setting this up for me. I always think when you have your own website it always looks more professional. Even though this is a fun and personal blog to myself, I like to make it professional for others to read and share their comments with others in the blogging community.

I’ll have a new blog up for you soon, but what do you think?

Lily-May x


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