Propercorn (*Promo)

PROPERCORN is popcorn “done properly” as they state from their website. They are passionate at creating the popular snack and turning it into something else with a twist, providing some great flavours to suit everyone’s tastes. Every pack of Propercorn is made using the best quality ingredients which can only be found within the home rather than sourcing from all over the place. The corn itself is GM-free and the only corn that is used is butterfly corn which explains its light and airy crunch and taste. The snack itself is gluten-free and is suitable for vegetarians made using the most natural ingredients, so all in all it suit’s everybody!

After reading about Propercorn from a review in a magazine, I set out to try their newest flavour ‘Smooth Peanut & Almond’ and I was not disappointed. Being a sweet tooth lover myself I could not wait to delve into the four packets in my box I was very grateful to receive. 2015-09-30 18.53.55
The packaging first off is very bright and colourful and makes it look a lot more interesting than your bog standard packet of crisps. Secondly, the flavour is so intense that it left me craving more even after I had finished the very generous serving from within the bag! Thirdly, at only 120 calories from within the massive bag it made me feel a lot healthier than what I would do after a bag of crisps. They are non-greasy and light making you feel fuller for longer which is mainly what I liked about them, not to mention the mouth drooling smell and taste these were to die for!

Other flavours include; Fiery Worchester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato, Sweet and Salty, Lightly Sea Salted, Sweet Coconut and Vanilla and Sour Cream & Black Pepper which are some of my flavours that I shall definitely be ticking off next to eat. The calories vary from pack to pack but all are lower than 130 cals with the same amount in every bag. It’s A LOT healthier than a chocolate bar or a slice of pizza and I even have other people asking me where they can purchase them from as they are such an eye catcher of a snack. The darker mornings and nights in our Autumn season have got me wanting to snuggle in my flat after work with the bad foods such as biscuits and chocolate, but since I have experienced these I have ditched the bad food and gone for the more healthier option of Propercorn.
Overall, Propercorn is definitely a snack that shall be added to my October favourites, in fact,  I think if my boyfriend wrote a blog he would include them too as he got his hands on them quicker than me!

Have you tried Propercorn? What other snacks have you been trying out this Autumn season?

Lily May x
2015-09-30 18.53.37

*Thank you to the wonderful people at Propercorn for sending me the four packs so that I could write this review on one of my now favourite snacks!!