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Hello everyone! So here we have it, a brand new year and a brand new Blog post. As I waved goodbye to 2015 and all the life changing things the year did for me (my graduation, becoming an Aunt, getting my own flat with Ash, new job etc) I promised myself that this year I would blog AT LEAST once a month. I hope to blog more, realistically, but I don’t want to send out a promise to readers I can’t keep. My work life is very demanding at times and I find myself getting home late, therefore when I do have free time at weekends I use this time to relax and sitting down to filming a Vlog or writing a Blog can use up a lot of time. Especially when I know it needs to be done properly and not to be rushed.
Anyway, with that being said I hope you have an amazing year ahead of you and have already started to fill 2016 with lots of memories and exciting things ahead.

Myself and Ash had a lovely 1st Christmas in our new flat and got given tons of wonderful things. We are so lucky to have lots of lovely new additions to the flat as well as lots of our own personal items.
One product that I wanted to blog about is this gorgeous trio from Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden which was kindly gifted to me by my colleague. I honestly don’t know how she knew I loved this brand, maybe it was a guess, but I have been using these full sized items like wild-fire. The tin itself is gorgeous and is specifically made for those new years resolutions. It’s hashtag on top #LetGo makes you realise that even though we are all aiming to achieve those goals, (drink more water, start running again, eat less bad things, eat more good things, go to bed earlier, catch up on emails, be on time and save the world…especially as it’s a new year and a fresh new start.) It’s important to remind yourself that sometimes you just need time to relax and that is exactly what I have been doing with these three products.


  1. Cleansing Burst Body Wash – As you may be able to see from the photo, I have completely used this product up already and I regret it! I think I was putting too much on my skin, but that just shows how much I enjoyed it! The smell is absolutely incredible and as soon as I opened the bottle I knew I was in for a treat. The bursting beads make your skin feel silky smooth after it’s been used and it creates a rich lather when slapping onto your skin! I felt this was best to use in the shower and really helped me to un-wind either after work or at the weekends.
    2. Silky Smooth Body Lotion – I have used half of this product, but combined with the Body Wash it made my skin smelling of oranges afterwards. I am usually a major fan of Palmers Cocoa Butter but I found this product to be even better on my dry patches of skin. I personally hate greasy products but this was the least greasiest moisturizer I have ever used for my skin! It definitely does what it says on the bottle and keeps my skin moisturized for 24 hours, even under my clothes. Since this also contains argan oil it locks in the moisture to keep your skin dry-free and feeling fresh.
    3. Gentle Polish Body Scrub – This is the last of the three products I have opened and not because I value it less but because I have been after a good scrub for a while and wanted to savor it. Since I am a lover of all things fake tan to give my skin that all-year-round glow, I wanted to see if this scrub would help to get those last bits of dead skin off (eww) before applying more. I personally feel this is easier to use in the bath as the exfoliating beads sink to the bottom of the bath and help to exfoliate your back and the areas you can’t reach! On the bottle it says not to use on the face but I have been naughtily using it for my face too, and it’s given my skin the best radiant glow.

I am overall so impressed with these products and I shall be re-purchasing them after they have finished whatever the price! I love Sanctuary products and being given this trio for Christmas I think I have found re-kindled my love for the brand.

Did you get any products from Sanctuary for Christmas? Which other products from their range would you recommend?

Lily-May x

P.S. If you want to see me talk about these in action along with a few other bits I got for Christmas, head on over to my YouTube channel!


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