A sunny weekend road trip!

Hello everybody!

Welcome back to my blog. This week I really wanted to share with you a weekend that myself and Ash went on at the beginning of May to Salisbury & Dorset for a little get-away. I took some beautiful pictures so couldn’t wait to get them up on my blog, plus I haven’t done a lifey post in a while.

On the 6th of May myself and Ash decided to take a road trip down to Salisbury for the weekend. We had never driven down before (always got the train) but with the ever demanding train prices risingĀ each year we decided we would save money and let Ash do all the driving instead ;). We left on the Friday night and stopped off on the way to Salisbury at a service stop near Basingstoke where we had dinner.IMG_6131 The weather was due to be super nice during the weekend and had been for the past few days reaching 25 degrees at the beginning of May, so I had only packed a couple of dresses for choice and my favorite denim play-suit for the weekend.

IMG_6157On the Saturday we ventured into town and got some lunch at a famous baker’s to Salisbury and it’s surrounding areas – Reeve’s – which is amazing! If you are ever around the area I definitely recommend going there for a bite to eat or even a snack. Everything is freshly baked the morning of the day it’s sold so it’s always fresh and super yummy. We then met up with my friend Sally and her toddler Chester who was 2 at the weekend, and my friend Amy and her Godson. We had a nice time playing in the park & climbing trees/soaking up the sun and it was nice to catch up with them for a few hours.IMG_6189
In the late afternoon we caught a train down to my Dad’s house in Dorset for a BBQ in the garden with some of my family and I even caught up with my super gorgeous niece before it was her bed time.IMG_6164 It was such a lovely (what felt like) summer’s evening and I even had an early birthday cake surprise! It was so nice chatting, drinking and eating and watching the sun go down with IMG_6174Winter seeming so far away now that I can’t quite remember what it feels like to be cold!

On Sunday we woke up back in Salisbury at my Mum’s house, got up early and hoovered out Ash’s car before the road trip back to London. Where we live in a flat it’s sometimes almost impossible to hoover the car and throw an extension lead out the window from being so high up in a building. We then spent a few hours chatting with my Mum and had a later breakfast before making our way back to London. In the afternoon, because the weather was still hot we finished washing Ash’s car – very productive for a Sunday I know! Then,in the evening we decided to make a nice chicken Salad for dinner to end the weekend beautifully!IMG_6203IMG_6201

I had such a lovely weekend in Salisbury with Ash and it really was a taste of what is to come for my time off work in the Summer. I went to bed feeling happy and refreshed ready for the Monday morning alarm to hit 5am!

How did you spend your sunny weekend at the beginning of May?



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