Ted Baker #SaysRelax Collection

This month Ted Baker released their brand new AW17 collection ‘Ted Says Relax’ and when my friend Rhiann (JustRhibee) asked me to head to Westfields to see their new collection I was so excited. The tickets were free on EventBrite so we didn’t have to worry about any costs apart from travel. Unfortunately (to cut a long story short), the launch had been and gone on the previous Thursday at their branch in Regent Street – London, and we were met with bad customer service and only one simple rail of their clothing in the Westfields store. This clothing was beautiful, but having traveled and waited to get in all morning we couldn’t enjoy the new range and felt disappointed.

Ted Baker very kindly sent me over some Blogger Mail to apologise for the inconvenience caused and I was super impressed to receive a lovely pink ribboned box of travel mini’s from their new collection. Ah! What better way to receive goodies like this share a blog about it, because let’s face it – their new AW17 range is very VERY insta & blogger friendly.

A little bit about their new range

We all know that when autumn and winter roll around we are all about that relaxing and lazy lifestyle. It happens to the best of us, and I can’t help but think Ted Baker had this in mind when deciding what to do for their new collection. Their new lounge wear is with a ‘first class’ elegant and more sophisticated style so that you can slay whilst being stylish – a concept which I love! From a range of jersey separates to casual cuts with bell sleeves, there seems to be something for everyone in this new range. Unfortunately, Ted Baker has always been just a little bit out of my price range and I would be lying if I said I was about to go out, buy everything I wanted and then film a YouTube Ted Baker haul but a girl can only dream…

I couldn’t seem to find any of their travel mini’s on their actual website but I found them over on Boots in the gifting section which also includes some of their full sized bottles from their ‘blush pink’ range and retailing at only £8 a bottle, I think that’s more affordable for me, I don’t know about you!


Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Wash:
This refreshing body wash is perfect to pop into my gym bag when I am on the go. Although I currently attend a Virgin Active gym and the shampoo, conditioner and body wash is provided for me with every visit. Sometimes the same smell can drain on me and being able to pop this into my gym bag and use when I feel I need a boost serves me such a great purpose.
This body wash is entwined with floral notes of jasmine and neroli and smells DIVINE. At least now I will be walking out of the gym smelling fantastic with a range of fruits to follow…The beautiful rose gold design which appears on both the body wash and body cream bottles was inspired by a beautiful trinket at a New York auction and re-imagines one of the original floral fragrances that Ted Baker already does. For best results this is best applied to wet skin to form a lather and then rinsed off with luke warm water – after the gym I love to blast my skin with a colder water to help keep the tone in my muscles!

Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Lotion:
Again, with the same scent as the body wash, this blush pink body lotion is the perfect skin care product to pop on after using the body wash. This leaves my skin feeling soft, silky, non-greasy and pro-longs the smell of those fruity & floral notes that Ted Baker has got spot on. This is great to carry around in my handbag or gym bag as being a busy Londoner, having something quick and easy to apply during my commute is perfect. I feel like this is going to serve me well when the months get colder and I need a little bit of a moisture boost in my hands – which ALWAYS suffer from the cold the most. I also can’t imagine this cream stinging  any cracked or dry skin as it’s smell is soft and gentle and the main and first ingredient is water which gives the impression its perfect for moisturising those delicate hands.

Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Spray

Okay, I know all of these bottles are super Instagrammable but can we PLEASE just take note of how cute this bottle is?! I just think this is definitely a product that you would pull out of your handbag and people would say “OH MY GOD! Where did you get that?!” and want you to tell them immediately the place of purchase & price! This body spray has the same fragrance as the other mini’s I received due to being in the same range but this is probably my favorite product.  I actually thought when spraying this it had that smell of a very strong perfume scent which made me shocked for a body spray. I have tried various body sprays in the past and they FOR SURE do not smell anything like this. I think this is going to be in most of my photos that you will see for a while because I just love the design and colour of the bottle.


I am genuinely so impressed with these new products from Ted Baker’s new collection, especially the way they sent me these products after a minor hiccup of a day. I had a feeling I would not be disappointed when I opened the box first hand and experienced the delights of their new skin care and fragrances. Now I have written this post, I am off to soak myself in a warm bath filled with bubbles and end up smelling much better than half of London’s sweaty population on a tube in summer (mmm, how’s that for an image?!) I would love to know what you think of these if you get them yourself!

Let me know in the comments what product you liked the look of most – or if there is any clothing from their collection you want to buy!

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  1. August 30, 2017 / 4:15 pm

    LOVE this, pics are super cute and the products look amazing!! = ) Ted Baker have regained themselves lol

    • lilymcconnell
      August 30, 2017 / 6:40 pm

      Haha oh my gosh they so have! Thank you girl! ?

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