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As you may be aware by now, I love my exercise and fitness/healthy lifestyle. At University I looked to turning my life around and loosing a load of excess weight that I had just piled on throughout my late teens and was so proud of myself for being able to join the gym, maintain it and feel a lot more confident and happy within myself. Since I have left University, I have turned more to running as I am now aiming to tone the lower half of my body a lot more. I have always intertwined running in with my gym pattern so much so that I can now run almost 10k without stopping which is obviously a great achievement!
Alongside myself, my boyfriend (Ash) is also a sports fanatic, having studied a degree in Sports Science (BSc) at University and now managing his own Sunday league football team for his home town (Ladywell). His passion for football has never gone unnoticed and even though he left University heading into a job in banking, his passion for sport still thoroughly remains having picked up some amazing finance and life skills along the way. Therefore, the last few months he has worked super hard to achieve his passion and work on a business plan for a sporting business where it looks to meet the individual needs of those who partake in sports. His business plan is not just focused like a normal sports retailer where there is any old stock sold. He shows his passion through delivering a service to those who want and need it, making sure that he understands what basic sports retailers are lacking in and carefully selecting which pieces of equipment people want.
After taking a few months on his business plan and carefully considering what people DO want, he finally set about setting up the main website to run his business online (for now) and hopefully in the future open up a shop that specializes in equipment and clothing for people’s sporting needs. Tiavo Sports aims to offer sporty people the chance to buy clothing that is equipped for their needs especially. Not just in running and football, but for racquet sports. netball and regular gym users. Yesterday, I filmed a quick Vlog over on my YouTube channel (Lily May) to help promote Tiavo Sports and his accomplishments into starting up the business. However, as I explain in the video, please bear with him whilst more stock is added, but there is already a small amount of stock to be bought from the website so please do take a look and keep checking back for more updates as he is still getting stock delivered.
In the video’s description bar I have also added any information which you can take for yourself to contact Ashley with your questions on Tiavo Sports and/or any requests you may have for sporting equipment you would like to see available to buy that you find hard to get hold of in your regular sports retailers.

Thank you for reading and I would be so grateful if you could check it out and see what you think!

Lily May x


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