Two new foods I have introduced to my diet

As many of you know (who know me) I recently…(well I say recently) have lost 4 stone in the past year and a half and I am a constant gym go-er and fitness freak! This is a massive increase to the old me. The old me, would sit around, eat A LOT and do very little exercise. The new me, has cut out a lot of things from my diet, eats smaller and healthier meals and goes to the gym 4-5 times a week, in order to maintain my new and healthier body image both inside and out! Having said that, recently I have been noticing that my nails and hair have not been well nourished…naughty naughty, I must have not been getting the right nutrients in my diet. I also have been suffering with bad stomach pains when I eat un-healthier food for a few days at a time.

I wanted my new blog, here on Lily-May, to not only be about beauty, fashion and life experiences, but to also be about fitness and maintaining not only my own, but other people’s fitness goals too! I want to share my experiences, work-outs and food tips for those who are also planning on loosing weight or generally wanting to maintain their body and healthier eating habits.

This blog introduces two new foods that I have recently included into my diet and the reasons for this. The first of these two foods being:

Spinach – This is where the new me looks at the old me and goes SAY WHAT?! You actually LIKE spinach now?? Yes, I do! As I stated above, I have been having a lot of problems with my nails peeling. After researching into this and looking into various articles, it seems I have been lacking in iron in my diet which is what has caused this to happen. I’ve also realized that spinach goes with just about anything and everything. When I have been cooking my evening meal I throw a handful of spinach in to make sure I am getting that daily intake of iron. Spinach also has very little calories and in a 200g bag contains 58 calories….who could have thought it right? It is very rich in iron and is also a major super food in the dieting world. Plus I was once told, anything that is green and is grown fresh, then it’s bound to be good for you!timthumb

YeoValley bio Greek organic natural yogurt – I understand that you don’t need this exact branded bio Greek yogurt but this has been on offer for some time now so that’s why I have been getting this particular brand. YeoValley describe this yogurt as ‘full of sunshine, and so, so thick. A fair bit more cream (and different friendly bacteria) goes into this one compared to our Natural Yeogurt, making it wonderfully luxurious.’
The reason why I have started to introduce this into my diet is because when I eat a lot of un-healthy food now, my body seriously seems to hate me for it and I get awful stomach aches. Natural bio yogurt is said to help poorly tummy’s as it contains live bacteria which helps to stimulate good bacteria within your system, making you feel less poorly and more happy! Although this yogurt is higher in fat than most yogurts (but less than cream) it contains milk which is good for your dairy intake, which I was also lacking in! I usually put one-two dollops of this over a cut up piece of fruit, which also maintains my silly sugar cravings.

So, what do you think? Have these two new foods I have introduced into my diet helped you to think about your new diet too? Remember, everything is fine in moderation!

Lily-May x


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