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Hello readers! As you are aware I have been very limited on the blog front throughout the month of March. I have been working very hard on my last piece of University work (the dreaded dissertation) and in that respect, this blog is going to be a bit more of a personal one. I hope that this will also help other University students out there dealing with the same situations that I have had to endure, especially during the third and final year to the course.

As  a university student and having almost completed my three years at University, I have learnt so much about myself as a person. Personally, I feel that I have grown into a more confident young woman with the ability to reach out and achieve my goals. I felt I was never very bright at school, and always struggled in the more academic subjects. Although, with a confidence boost and help along the way I’ve always had the motive to believe I can do it and achieve to the best of my ability – at the end of the day all you can ever do is your best! I never in a million years expected I would ever end up at University, and it wasn’t until my last year at college with a month to hand in my personal statement, I decided to go on a whim and see where it would take me.
Besides my University work, I have achieved goals of major weight-loss to boost my health and overall body image, taken part in volunteering opportunities and raised money for charities that I feel close too. Being at University has given me the confidence to take part in these opportunities and feel part of a massive community. Although I went at a later age and was already considered a mature student, I felt that I was welcomed to fit right in, and never felt that the age difference was ever a problem. I moved from home at the age of 22 to somewhere I had never lived in my life. I did not know anyone, so it was a massive step for me, especially when I was so used to having all my friends and family live in the same town! With this, and only a term left to go at University, I feel like it has been the best experience I have ever placed myself into. I threw myself in at the deep end and expected everything. University has gone above and beyond my expectations so I would advise anyone thinking on going, to just go and experience it for themselves as I now feel that if I hadn’t have gone, I don’t know what I would be doing now or where my other path would have led me. As it now happens, I have landed a job very quickly and am staying to live in London, which is somewhere I have always wanted to live!

However, along with all the positives that have come with University, I felt that during my last year when writing my dissertation, it has really been a test of my strength as to whether I can really produce a good piece of work, along with taking care of myself. I am well aware of the stressful situations that students undergo when dealing with their work deadlines and pressures at University and I, myself, have had to deal with stressful situations where you feel that you have no hope but to give up, even though you know you can do it! I have never had to deal with a lot of stress, but I felt that just giving tips to other students could help them. I have therefore produced a blog on 5 ways to deal with stress for students over on the Student Recipes Blog whom I blog for on a regular basis. These 5 ways of dealing with stress have helped me loads when I have felt under more pressure than usual with deadlines for drafts, other modules to complete and research to do for my final report.

Please go and have a look, and if you know of any other ways that could help out other fellow students, please feel free to comment, it’s all about helping others out there!

Have you ever been to University? What were your experiences? Share, comment and subscribe to my blog! 🙂

Lily-May x


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