Why I have been away

Hello everybody!

I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that I have my blog back! For months (after my last post) my whole blog had been affected by a language defect turning my whole editing process backwards and in another language, which obviously had me far too confused for words. After moaning about it on Twitter & still no luck, this morning my boyfriend managed to sort it out within seconds making him earn top boyfriend points! Needless to say I am now super happy that I can blog again for you all because in all honesty it has been months since I have been able too.

So what’s been happening? In all honesty I have been working, working working! But I did have 2 weeks off work for the Easter which went super fast but was great all the same. I caught up with lots of friends, had girly sleepovers, traveled down to Salisbury and Bath to see my family and spent lots of time at home doing things I wouldn’t usually be able too. It was so nice and it made me refreshed and ready to face the last term at work. I also took this time to make two new Vlogs during my holidays which can be found over on my YouTube channel  one of which you can follow me around for a whole week (go grab yourself a cuppa because it’s a long one!) And one of which I Vlogged of a day out with my friend Tamsin. I had so much fun being able to Vlog again and was even more excited to finally hit 100 subscribers to my channel which, to me, is insane! So thank you all for those who follow me and watch my videos. I love my small blogging and vlogging community as I have found some lovely people through it as well.

In the next few weeks I shall have some brand new blogs coming up for you which include posts on life, beauty and fashion so stay subscribed for those! In the mean time thank you for bearing with me whilst my blog had a mis-hap!



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