Zoella ‘Girl Online’ Book review

Yes, I have done it again, I have abandoned my blog. University dissertation work has really got the better of me this month and along with doing my ‘dry February’, it’s been a very hard month with a lack of writing posts on the blogging front!

That being said, I have wanted to review this book from the ever so famous blogger Zoella ever since I finished it! ‘Girl Online’ has been given some amazing reviews and after receiving it as a Christmas present from my boyfriend (thank you!) I was so desperate to get stuck into reading it. With the stresses of my uni work, I made sure I allowed myself time to read three chapters a night as my wind-down time to the day. Every 3 chapters I read did not disappoint and I was left every night wanting to know what happened next!Book

Even though this book is fiction based, I absolutely loved the way Zoella used aspects of the book to link with her own personal life i.e) her anxiety and panic attacks that shesuffers from, which almost suggests parts of it are factual. She inflicts these parts of her personality through Penny (the main character) and takes you on a romantic journey to New York, where she meets a famous singer and song writer, Noah. However, little does she know what lies ahead in terms of his secret lifestyle. She portrays dealing with bullying online well, some of which I know she has suffered herself and provides great friendships along the way, making you realize just how important some people are when you are faced with day-to-day issues. The story flicks back in between real-life in Penny’s world and the blogging world which keeps the story up-to-date in the online world (how many times can you say world in one sentence).

I don’t want to say too much about the story from the book in case there are any of you out there that are yet to read it, (if you haven’t, and love the blogging/Vlogging world, what are you waiting for?!) But I felt the story flowed really well and kept you wanting to read more.
Although I felt the book was aimed at a younger audience than my generation (I’m 24) I still thoroughly enjoyed it and am really looking forward to the ‘Girl Online 2’ to come out!

Have you read the ‘Girl Online’? What did you think?

Lily-May x




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