Zoella ‘Girl Online On Tour’ Book Review

After reading ‘Girl Online’ (click for my last review) I was so excited to find out that Zoella was releasing another book in the series.

‘Girl Online On Tour’ was released on the 21st October, JUST in time for my half-term week off work. Back in July I pre-ordered a copy of this. Knowing that it was due to be released so long ago, I noticed that Zoella had stated in a recent Vlog back then that Amazon were doing signed copies. I was quick enough to pre-order and was therefore promised my signed copy.
However, the morning of the 21st rolled around and I was really disapointed to wake up to an email to say Amazon weren’t giving out any more signed copies as they didn’t have any copies left. I felt a bit annoyed as I had been waiting so long, and with so many fans I can never see myself going to a meet up to get a signed copy that way (I dislike queues). After tweeting Zoella with my frustration (I mean HOW can Amazon promise so many people signed copies and then not have any left?!?!) and no reply (although I wasn’t reaaaaaally expecting one) I decided to venture out and buy the book myself anyway, only to realise WH Smith’s were doing half price books anyway – whic2015-10-28 13.35.41h took a bit of the sting out for not having my signed copy.

From the Sunday to the Wednesday (yes the same week!) I had finished the book front to back and can honestly say that the book itself has made up for the first half of this bitter tailed blog. I honestly think that Girl Online On Tour was better than Girl Online as it had me wanting to read on once I had finished each chapter. One night I found myself reading 100 pages in one go after promising myself an early night…whoops! I literally could not put the book down. The story of Penny and Noah unfolds and without giving too much away, yet again is left on a cliffhanger at the end making readers believe that there could be more? These two books in the series are most likely aimed at a younger audience, perhaps mid teens but at the age of 25 I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now hoping that there is going to be another book…in fact there has to be!

Have you read Girl Online or Girl Online On Tour? What did you think?

Lily May x





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