Making Zoella’s Cordially Invited Autumn Wreath

After pondering for a while about whether or not to do a travel series over on my blog about my American adventure in California with Ash, I decided to keep that for YouTube for now (see here if you want to watch all 4 parts of the series!) And stick with more Autumn and Lifestyle related posts on here. However, if you do want any travel tips or tricks, as I did draft a few blogs about this, please let me know as I would love to be able to include travel somewhere along the line into my blog at some point.



When I got back from America I was so delighted to receive Zoella’s new lifestyle book ‘Cordially Invited’. When she was talking about her book before it was published I followed her vlogs on the process and was really intrigued as to what the book entailed. It sounded like something I would absolutely love to have in my lifestyle book collection as it’s one of those books that will always come in handy, full of tips and tricks and something people can pick up and read when they come to stay. The book offers a selection of seasonal recipes, things to make in your home and a little bit about Zoe herself. I’ve always been an avid follower of Zoe (Zoella) ever since I was at university and as she is one of the first YouTuber’s I ever watched I have always collected her books that she has written.


As soon as I opened the book, the first season I flicked to was Autumn (seeing as it’s October) and noticed straight away her autumnal wreath which looked so simple to make. I quickly got onto Amazon and eBay and took to buying the materials that I needed, as suggested in the book. Okay, so I could have gone to Homesense and easily bought a ready made wreath there but it wouldn’t be unique to me. I wanted it to be something I could pull out every year and think “yeah, I made that!”
Overall, the cost of it was fairly cheap and I managed to get everything I needed for £13 which I think is really good value for DIY materials.


This was probably so easy. As long as you have glue and all the bits you want to pop onto your wicker or rattan wreath to make it unique to you, you are pretty much all set! I slightly cheated here, as I pre-bought the wreath ready made (I am just not that skilled to bend natural twigs in all directions) but there were so many cheap ones online that you didn’t have to wait a day and an age to receive. The bits I ordered were autumnal leaves, acorns (I honestly couldn’t believe how real these looked & felt!) berries, and I went out to collect the pine cones myself as I wanted these to be real. Luckily pine cones last FOREVER so this was not a concern for rotting.

Making the actual wreath was super simple to make, I first of all spent some time placing everything down, changing up colours and patterns and pretty much seeing where I wanted everything to go. This may sound picky to some but as this is going to be something that’s taken out of it’s hiding place for years to come, I didn’t want to rush it. Once I was happy, I took a photo on my phone  (just in case I forgot) and started sticking everything down using my glue gun. NOTE: This glue goes a long way and dries super fast so be careful how much you use, you don’t want massive splodges poking out the side to make it look messy! I also used the leaves to make layers (order plenty so you can do this) I ordered my leaves in bulk and they were super cheap so I never ran out! When you have finished you can easily neaten your wreath up by pulling off any stringy bits of glue. Once I was happy with everything, I left the whole wreath to dry for a further 10 minutes, placed one of my favourite candles inside the middle and popped it on our kitchen table. This is the the room that everyone walks into when they come first enter our flat so it can be easily seen (or shown off!)

look at my make shift paper mat :’)

What do you think? Will you be doing any autumnal DIY this year? Do you have Zoella’s new book ‘Cordially Invited’? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!


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