Autumnal Fashion (#selfietoselfexpression)

An autumnal blog post in August?! You might read this and think, has this blogger gone crazy?! Or you could see this as something that would spark ideas for yourself!
I have never really spoken out about my own fashion or things that I love in sense of this topic on this blog. I’ve never been one for ‘staying on top’ of the fashion weekly. Just because my budget (that I have to stick too on a weekly basis) does not allow me to buy that many clothes, plus – I don’t wanna spend ALL my months wages on clothes. Instead I pick out a few selected items here and there that I know will pair with a lot of items already in my wardrobe.

With that being said, when Autumn decided to start creeping back into our lives once again this year (que september), I decided to pick back up on my Pinterest account and scour through for autumnal fashion ideas that I could pin to my boards. I also reviewed my ‘Autumn Wishlist’ blog from last year and noticed which items I had got round to buying (Amelia Jane London pom pom hat, tanned rucksack and the MUA highlighter stick) but also took note of the items which I hadn’t. It clearly makes sense to me that fashions are changing all the time, as are my own tastes as I get older and I wanted to share with you some of the things I have been wearing recently along with a new, and more hopeful wishlist for the upcoming months of autumn.

I recently went on a trip to the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square, London with some friends, as they had a new exhibition that I kept seeing advertised on various websites. The #selfietoselfexpression gallery which I could be right in thinking, is only on for a limited time, was something that I wouldn’t usually be interested in but was intrigued to see what it was about. I was so shook by how modern this gallery was. I am not usually one for art galleries but this got me thinking about how we express ourselves and our own unique personalities through clothes. It’s a way of really showing what you like and it almost gives people a peek into who you are as a person.
I’ve always been one for wearing bright colours as I love feeling bold and confident but when Autumn rolls around I fall in love with neutral colours; brown, black, white, grey…etc (you get me right?!) I don’t know whether this is due to the way the season makes me feel but I have always loved nothing more than feeling cosy!

White Top – Miss Guided
Black Leather Jacket – Miss Selfridge
Black Skinny Jeans (altered)– Everything 5
Tanned Tassel Rucksack – Pull & Bear
White Lo-Top Converse All Star

This year my autumn wishlist will contain things that are more pliable for me to get, full of neutral colours and items I long for, for the colder months! In all fairness I shall probably have to scout for a good price for these items but since we are allll about the budgeting lifestyle over here I reckon I can make it work! What items have you got on your wishlist for Autumn? Have you been to see the #selfietoselfexpression gallery? Let me know in the comments!

A Mustard coloured snood or chunky knit scarf  
Thick hand knitted socks to keep those tootsies warm!
Revolution or MUA neutral eye shadow palettes 
A camel style coat


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