The Benefits of Adult Scooting with Micro Scooters!

Hello everyone!

I am sooo excited to FINALLY be able to write out this blog post for you all. Back last year when I decided to stay in London permanently (after university) and got my first full time job I had to catch a bus too and from work. I could catch two different buses which would get me near/ish work. Neither of them were direct because the first one (no.137), I had to walk 15 minutes to catch but would take me to literally around the corner from my work. The other bus (no.50) would stop right outside my flat and take me 15 minutes away from my work. So both were quite unreliable and not door to door or very direct so to speak. As you can imagine, in the mornings this journey would take around 30-35 minutes but on the way home…sometimes I was sat on a bus gone way past 6 o’clock going berserk and then after some time deciding to get off and walk the rest of my journey seemed like a much better idea. Because let’s face it, London traffic is horrendous at the times you just want to get home after a long day (sod’s law).

I am one of these people that rush EVERYWHERE. I’m rushing to work, rushing around work, rushing back from work, rushing to be somewhere, rushing to the shops…and for me, this journey was making me so frustrated. I was paying TfL over £60 a month in bus fares to be kicked off half way through my journey and for what, dodgy seating and windows wide open when it’s freezing cold?! Nah bruv. So in May this year I decided enough was enough! I had seen a few adult’s scooting in the mornings from the bus window and was desperate to be where they were. So for my birthday I asked for one and low and behold my very kind Dad got me one! I was so excited that I took it for a spin up the road. I actually felt like a kid when she learns to ride a bike for the first time but I couldn’t care less what other’s thought, it was so much fun and I couldn’t wait to test it out on my commute to work.


Since May I have been using a Decathlon scooter from a shop back where I grew up in Salisbury. It’s a great scooter, amazing suspension for those rocky pavements and cracks in the curb, lightweight and comes with a strap in case you need to carry it in and out of shops. It’s a beautiful white colour, cleans very easily and it has served me well, not only to my commute to work, but also over the summer months to nip about on. It now takes me a nifty 25 minutes to get to work and I am gaining more exercise and feeling a lot more refreshed when I arrive at work ready to start my day. On the way home now I flee past the angry car drivers polluting the atmosphere with their car fumes as they beep and honk at each other to ‘move’ and ‘get out the road!!’ and I don’t miss it one bit!


The Scooter itself
When Micro scooters reached out to me to ask if I wouldn’t mind reviewing one of their scooters I leapt at the opportunity! I am all for reviewing products that I think serve a purpose and adult push scooters do just that. Not only do they save you time but they save money, our beautiful world from pollution and give you a morning/after work, workout!!
I was super happy to receive their ‘Flex Deluxe’ scooter in Aubergine (RRP. £194.95) which is one of their scooters in their wide range specifically designed for adults. The colour is absolutely gorgeous and I was in awe as soon as I took it out of the box. First of all, I noticed the base of the scooter, or the deck (the part where you put your foot) as it looked very sturdy. After riding around on this and realising just how flexible this part was, I was shocked to see that it is made from fibre-glass and wood for a bump free scoot. The feel of it is great and combined with the softer wheels, you automatically glide along the pavement without any jitters. The brake is fantastic and stops you pretty much automatically (but would not recommend doing this when going fast!) Inside the box it comes with an instruction manual for assemble and disassemble and also a few extra screws and allen keys which I can imagine could come in handy during it’s life duration.  It was super easy to assemble, with one click to push the main body of the scooter up, and then a few more clicks to get the length the right height for me and the handle bars out from their folded position.


Now this may seem like an odd one to you but scooting in connection with mindfulness is something I wanted to touch upon. First of all, it personally baffles me how adults are not using scooters to get from A to B, especially those commuting in London or students who are studying in this city. Many adults are commuting over 30 minutes on a daily basis in one journey but by scooter this can take only 6 minutes per mile and weighing in at less than 6KG these scooters are easy to fold and carry if you want to walk part of your journey as well. After switching from public transport to using my scooter on a daily basis to get too and from work I have found my body and mind to feel more energised. I get to work with a clearer head, having listened to my music, it gives me the thinking space before my day starts. I feel less frustrated, flustered (and late) and I feel a lot happier knowing my journey is free!


Journey Time
If you don’t believe what I am telling you so far – then check this out, because on the Micro Scooter website they can tell you exactly how many minutes it will take you to scoot from each of these 6 fab destinations in London, using the most popular commutes to prove to you just how much quicker it is than you may think. They compare them against other modes of public transport so you can see just how great your journey is compared to others. Not only that, but they have also revealed this London ‘scooting tube map’ which shows you how long it takes to scoot between each of the underground/overground stations on the normal London tube map, impressive stuff eh?!


Scooting and Fitness
Scooting gives a low-intensity work out of short bursts of exercise which burn fat stores. A 30 minute session can therefore provide a great cross training session that will aid recovery from those long gym or running sessions. Because of it being low-impact, it does not strain tired muscles but gives them a softer workout to keep them from feeling less painful the day after a hefty work out! ‘Scooting up a slight incline is like adjusting the angle on a treadmill. If you want to increase the potential fitness benefits and calorie burn of scooting it’s all you need to do’ – Ben, PT in London.img_1565

I know, I know, you are gonna read this and think ‘but you have us in awe about how amazing it is, so how can there be any con’s?!’ well in all honesty writing a review on anything I would always want to be 100% honest to my readers and with anything, NOTHING is perfect. However, the only con I have to adult scooting would be in the rain. It’s not great, I am not gonna lie to you! It’s also very slippery and I have almost come off many of times thinking ‘I’ll be fine’, when actually it can be quite dangerous…especially on a busy road. Although – since I have had my adult scooter the sunny days have outweighed the rainy days by far and I usually get to work before it starts and am home by the time the clouds have gone back to normal 😉

I wouldn’t really call this a Con but it could be if you scoot in the dark and aren’t being a safe bee! IMPORTANT TIP: Get some lights – scooting just as much as cycling isn’t as safe as it would be in the light now that the day’s are shorter. Scooting to and from work without a light is very un-safe and it’s important for you to be able to see where you are going, just as much as other pedestrians, cyclists (or fellow scooters) and cars need to see you too! The Micro Scooter website does some great accessories for scooters  which also include helmets and bells. I have already been scowering the website for lots of things to make my commute safer in the darker mornings and evenings!

So, what do you think?! Will you be purchasing an adult scooter? Have I persuaded you to change up your commute? Let me know in the comments what you think, or if you adult scoot already – what are your thoughts on scooting?

Scoot ya later!

N.B. I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Micro Scooters for providing me with the ability to be able to write a blog post I have been longing to write for a while!




  1. Mia Middleditch
    November 21, 2016 / 9:07 pm

    I started cracking up at “Nah bruv” – as a fellow Londoner, pretty sure that sums up attitude towards TFL perfectly. Although im South, so I have to deal with Southern Rail (literally the bane of my existence) too … loved this post.

    mia //

    • lilymcconnell
      November 24, 2016 / 7:29 pm

      Haha glad you liked this post Mia! Yes, I live in South West London but refuse to pay TfL any more money as they can never do anything right, nor can Southern Rail like you said lol! Thanks for reading 🙂 x

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