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It’s been a while since I updated you all on here in our brand new year of 2017 so thought I would start a new blog post with some great inspiration and fitness ideas for you all. Since I was in my early twenties I have loved swimming, almost taken it up as a leisure activity and hobby besides all my other fitness related activities. After I ran my half marathon back in October last year (click here for the evidence!) My knees have been suffering ever since and although I went out and purchased a pretty good patella strap to support my knee whilst running, the cold weather really isn’t helping so I wanted to seek other ways of being active. I stopped swimming last March when I started training to run for my half marathon because I ended my gym membership but have recently taken it back up, swimming 3-4 times a week and exercising in a small PT group on Saturdays near to where I live with Tiavo Sports. I have been loving this method of exercising and keeping on top of feeling slimmer and healthier.


I love spending half an hour to 40 mins in the pool after work and it’s this time that helped me to decide that I wanted to try and train a bit harder in the pool and really get my head under water (quite literally!) I have never been a very strong swimmer and usually always swim breast-stroke with my head above the water as I’ve never learnt to go under water without holding my nose. I have started to train with a float to really work my leg muscles and have been scanning Speedo’s swim wear and accessories for a while now so when I got in contact with them they were so helpful in helping me decide what things to go for! I have also downloaded their app in partnership with SwimIO which helps me to keep track of my workouts, input my swimming length of time, stroke and even the pool I swim in regularly. The app also teaches you tips and tricks as well as providing videos for great swimming techniques for each of the strokes which has been very helpful and easy to follow.

Now down to their amazing swim wear range! I was very kindly sent some of their swimming costumes to try as well as two new pairs of their anti-fog goggles and a nose clip…so helpful!

The first swimming costume retails at £60.00 and unfortunately was in the wash (having already worn it) during the duration of my photo taking – yet again down to my horrendous blogging skills! The other two costumes shown in the image above retail at £50.00 which I think is a really good price for well designed and great quality swimming costumes that will last you an age.
The darker swimming costume seen here is great to improve your posture and technique in the water. The thing I liked most about it though is that it has 360 bust control which is something a lot of swimming costumes don’t have. It is also 100% chlorine resistant which means the chlorine won’t eat at the material…again, something which I have never experienced before. I felt great in this costume it kept me feeling slim lined in the water. The lighter swimming costume (pink) does exactly the same and is great for endurance and strength swimming whilst keeping you supported bust wise! These are both superb costumes which I will get A LOT of use out of. Here is a little snippet of me wearing the pink one…because to be honest it was my favourite! Excuse the wet hair and no make up though, can you guess where I had just been? 😉


So, onto the goggles. The funky iridescent pair retails at £45.00 and I had honestly never seen a pair of goggles quite like it but I LOVE them! The best way I can put this is that they really suck to your face when you put them on, or, online they describe it as a ‘3D Seal’. They are very easy to tighten or loosen before your swim and they do exactly what they say on the box, and that is that they prevent from fogging up during your swim. The second clear pair are what I would call in the more affordable range of their swim wear and they retail at £18.00. They are described as their Biofuse Futura goggle and provide comfort to the female face. Same again with this pair, I think they fit really well and are easy to adjust to fit the shape of your face. And, they are anti-fog too which is great for lots of water fuelled exercise!

The last item I want to mention is the nose clip. This is a traditional Speedo competition nose clip and I am sure you can already tell what it’s for. It’s pads which fit directly onto your nose are soft so they provide comfort and makes it easier to slip on and off in between lengths, which I found great as sometimes I took it off to have a break during swimming 40 lengths each time. It also comes with a plastic case which is great to keep on the side of the pool to pop it back into when finished with. As it’s so small this makes is less liable to get lost.

I just want to say a huge thank you to Speedo for supplying me with a range of their swimwear. I am going to get a lot of use out of them and it’s brought my confidence in the water back and my swimming fitness to a whole new level! In fact, as I write this I am off for a swim now and I am now able to glide under water with confidence whether it’s on my front or back.

Do you include swimming in your fitness regime? Have you tried our Speedo’s swim wear or anything else from their fitness range? Let me know in the comments below!




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  1. February 2, 2017 / 9:16 pm

    Great article Lily! I’m a former International swimmer and a sports scientist…i thought you might like the idea of working with me on your swimming technique and body posture…I’ll go through with you a series of unique drills and you will be able to take your swimming experience to a whole different level and enjoy it even more!! Contact me and we can have a couple of sessions! I’m sure I’ll be able to inspire you to write more about swimming in the future! ?
    Theo- owner of swimwitheo2 &co-owner of Swimsanity

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