A Weekend in Brighton

Last weekend I took a little trip down to one of my most favourite places, Brighton. I went to visit one of my closest friends from Uni, Aimee and we had such a fun time catching up, eating lunch in the sun on Brighton Marina, drinking wine and playing cards…not to mention the beautiful Sunday brunch on the beach in the morning!

Dress from ASOS, Sandals from Primark. Photo Credit: AJ Mun

It was so nice taking a little break away from London and just breathing in the fresh sea air. I’ll always love living in the City but I think part of me will always be a bit of a beach bum at heart. The relaxing sound of the waves, the cool sea breeze down the back of my neck and the sand in between my toes (or pebbles in this case!) There is something so calming and relaxing about being right by the sea and I always leave feeling incredibly refreshed and renewed. 

We were incredibly blessed with the hot summer sun and I have now finally got a tan to prove it! Although Aimee lives in Eastbourne, it was nice being somewhere calmer but also so close to a vibrant city full of different culture and walks of life. 

Coming back to London I was really excited to share a little snapshot with some photos of my weekend away with you all. I aim to post more blog posts in the future from trips away, whether it be UK breaks or abroad. 

Playsuit from Miss Guided. Photo credit: AJ Mun

Have you ever visited Brighton or Eastbourne? Let me know what you thought & share your blog posts in the comments below!



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