A Weekend In Wiltshire & Dorset (And Why I decided to Quit YouTube)

Home is where the heart is, and that’s exactly the phrase I lived by this weekend. Since I had some annual leave off from work I decided to take 4 days of that and go down to visit my family and friends in Salisbury & Dorset (Nr. Shaftesbury to be precise!) 

I wanted to document my weekend in pictures and on my blog since I have recently decided to stop posting videos on my YouTube channel for a little while. I haven’t really been enjoying it for a long time and have found myself almost pressurising myself to film when I really haven’t wanted to. So I have decided to just keep that little space for travel/special moments for now rather than weekly videos, so it’s not completely shut down, but more to take a step back and realise what it is I want to do with my online presence moving forward. My blog, and Instagram however will now be my new way of documenting my life & the fun I have along the way and I wanted this weekend away, back home, to be the starting point for all of that.

Another shell to add to the collection (ignore the grown out shellac!)

On the Thursday I took a train down to Salisbury and my Mum and I drove down to a really special place. I say special because I have so many fond memories of Southbourne as a child, waking up at 6am to make the brisk drive down to the beach with all our buckets and spades, Mum packing Marmite and cucumber sandwiches (which most likely ended up with sand in them!) Digging holes in the sand where I couldn’t get out, making friends that you’d never see again, swimming until there was no tomorrow and finally making “The Prodigy – Fat of the Land” an album to remember from the summer of ’97. And the best part? The beach hasn’t changed which gave me a wave of nostalgia. We walked to Boscombe and ended up leaving mid evening, taking half the beach with us!

Me and Mumma on Southbourne Beach

On Friday we drove to Winchester on a rainy day in July – another really quaint town not far from Salisbury. It’s cute cobbled streets and independent shops make it a thriving town for all ages. Once upon a time I almost moved here, when I was looking at Uni’s to start my degree but decided on London, and I am glad I did because it makes it a place I always want to return too when I am near home. 

The Winchester Orangery brightening up a rainy day with their beautiful floral window display!

On Saturday I got up early and went for a long run. Something I CRAVE when I go down to the countryside. I love living in the city but nothing beats running around open fields with no one around at 7am and working out in an open park with no eyes on you. There is something so peaceful about that. I then took a train into the depths of Dorset to stay with my Dad for a few days. I made a point of heading to the farm shop and seeing what local goods they had to offer but saved my pennies this time around. Sometimes I do ponder what and where my food has come from in London. In the evening, we had a large dinner with some friends and family and relaxed in the sunshine. 

Posing at Tyneham Village: Top – PLT & Shorts – Miss Guided

Sunday, I got up early and worked out. Again, in total peace. Oh, unless you count the cows and goats watching my every move in the farm next door! I got a full body conditioning workout in without any sirens whizzing past and ruining my mindfulness moment…bliss! We headed out to a lost village called Tynham which was abandoned in the second world war due to the army taking it over. It had a sad feel about the place, but with the sun shining down on us it was really nice to see the history of how this village has almost been ‘frozen’ in time. We left here and headed for the hills (quite literally) to set our eyes on a beautiful view across the Dorset countryside. It was here that we decided to then head back to the car after a lovely picnic and head down to Swanage for the evening for fun family photo’s and boomerangs on the pier, swiftly followed by classic seaside fish and chips! 

The old telephone box at Tyneham Village which had been destroyed and refurbished – twice!

I came back to London on the Monday feeling extremely refreshed and happy with how I had spent the first part of my time off! 

Swanage pier (spot the lady sneakily getting changed behind the flower stand!)

Have you ever visited any of the places I have mentioned above? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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