Afternoon Tea at the Bluebird

Since Mother’s day is on the horizon and as a late Christmas present to mine, I decided to take my Mum to the Bluebird café/bar/restaurant in Chelsea – Kings Road. My Mum has always been an avid fan of the E4’s ‘Made in Chelsea’ but not because of the amazing lifestyles they live but because Sloane Square and Chelsea has always been one of her favourite places to be when she’s in London.

As a treat I booked an afternoon tea for two at the famous Bluebird restaurant above their café, which included pots of tea, savoury sandwiches, biscuits, sweet cakes and shortbread. It’s located at the west end of the Kings road and used to live opposite the famous Stock Pot restaurant/café but since that’s closed down it’s now a noodle bar (shame!)

Upon arrival we were a little early so we popped into the Bluebird shop with high end clothing (price tag of around £400 average) which we were sad to see is due to be shutting down in March 2018, along with the lovely deli/bakery that was once on the corner, which has already now gone.

We wandered upstairs and were greeted by two lovely ladies who held the doors for us and put our coats away. Since our table wasn’t ready we decided to have a glass of wine each at the bar. We were surprised to see that we were also given complimentary nuts as a bar snack (didn’t think they did this in the UK anymore due to hygiene) and sat and chatted for a while with the friendly bar staff.

When our table was ready we headed over and chose what tea we wanted – my Mum chose Early Grey and I chose lemon and ginger since this is an ultimate favourite of mine. We were surprised by the gorgeous selection of delicately decorated cakes, freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam, and savouries delivered to our table with our tea. We would have opted for more savoury options for next time just because the cream and cucumber sandwiches, avocado and salmon rice cakes were so delicious that we slyly didn’t want all the cakes they provided. However, both were equally as delicious and they kindly gave us a box to carry home the rest of the cakes in for later.

We really loved our trip to the Bluebird and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to go somewhere nice for afternoon tea in London. The closest tube station is Sloane Square, where you can walk down the Kings Road and really enjoy all the independent shops and photo opportunities. Like photographing this gorgeous perfume shop for instance, with fresh spring flowers outside!

Don’t the pictures look yummy enough to eat?! Have you been for afternoon tea in London? Can you recommend anywhere for us to try next? Let me know in the comments below!


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