Attending My First Ever Blogging Event Alone! (BlogConLDN)

When I saw I had won tickets to Scarlett London’s event BlogConLDN, I was really excited to be able to take a friend and share my +1 ticket with someone who I knew shared a similar passion to me in blogging. Unfortunately everyone I thought may want to go turned out to be busy (never ask people last min!) Being the nervous Nancy I am in these situations I almost turned it down… but when I realised I could actually go and still enjoy my own company for the day I decided to take a step out of my comfort zone and accept the ticket.

Posing with Tea Rose London’s beautiful bag

I had attended one of Scarlett London’s events before a few years ago in central London with a friend but I had never been to something like this on my own. I knew this would be a great way to network and socialise with other bloggers/youtuber’s and work on my confidence so I was really excited to take the chance!

Based at the SAMA Bankside in central London BlogConLDN was a great little event to attend. The workshops, masterclasses and stalls from various different companies at the event were fantastic. I entered a few competitions and took a few selfies! Including this one – que most awkward pose ever!

SanDisk photo booth – main sponsor

At the end of the event each guest received a goodie bag for attending which I thought was really worth the original ticket price! Not only that but within the ticket price you have also paid for people’s time, the venue (which was rather fancy if I do say so myself) food and endless amounts of prosecco. Although I was lucky and didn’t pay for my ticket, I thought the overall pricing of everything was great. Each stall also gave those who were there extra discount on the day and even more freebies – oh the perks! I also got to meet the wonderful Rosie and Pip who were both incredibly friendly and welcoming towards me.

Overall I really enjoyed this event and I think Scarlett does a wonderful job of including micro influencers. bloggers and YouTuber’s to regular events.

Did you attend #BlogConLDN? If you did, what were your thoughts? I am so happy I now have more confidence to attend these types of events on my own!


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