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First of all I am ever so sorry it has taken me SO long to write a blog post. LIFE HAS BEEN CRAZY! I am honestly not just saying that either. BUT if you read my blog and don’t watch my YouTube please head over there (shameless plug) because I upload every weekend & I have to say truthfully that I update it a lot more than my blog…please don’t think that does not mean I don’t like blogging though!

Moving on…on 10th June 2017 I attended the Bloggers Ball at the Trading House in Gresham Street in central London for my second ever bloggers/social networking event. This was hosted by the wonderful Scarlett London who I have to say, puts on a very good show! The term ‘ball’ wasn’t exactly what it was, but every single girl there looked SO glam. Unlike me who had unfortunately worked that day and turned up in my sweaty Cinderella rags! The venue itself was very unique and had a strange vibe to it which I couldn’t explain, very ‘hipsterish’ and different to the usual blogging events that I have seen others attend online. The ‘ball’ had more of a convention type feel but being able to chat with new and exciting brands was very helpful. I also felt that brands that weren’t so known had a very good chance at getting their word out there ¬†as it was almost like both bloggers and brands were coming together to help a girl (or boy!) out.

I was super excited to attend this event because I filmed with Scarlett last Summer for a Superdrug advert near Tower Bridge and I was very intrigued to see what her events for bloggers were like, and I have to say now it did not disappoint! I went with the lovely Rhiann and we had such a fun time! I was super impressed by the brands that were there and the gorgeous and very fully filled (may I add) goody bags which we kindly received at the end! All the promoters and people there from all the brands were very welcoming and one thing I did notice was the fact that none of them asked how many subs we had to each of our social media platforms which I LOVE. I am really not about counting numbers on any of my platforms and I certainly don’t see ‘goals’ for my blog or YouTube to be number related by subscribers or counts so this was very refreshing!
What I found the most amazing was the fact that people were so friendly, and even though I noticed girls had come in their own little groups already, there were a few people that just spoke without even worrying about coming across TOO confident.

Unfortunately because I am a horrendous blogger recently I didn’t take as many photos as I had hoped, but I did film a few bits of footage as well as my first ever unbagging/unboxing over on my YouTube channel but as I am feeling kind you can view it in this blog!

Did you attend the #BloggersBall 2017? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below if you went & what other events you’ll be going to this year!




    • lilymcconnell
      June 18, 2017 / 7:28 pm

      Hi Steph, thanks for taking the time to comment! It was so much fun, I look forward to going to more of Scarlett’s events in the future! x

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