Feeling Autumnal FT. My Top Candle Scents

It goes without saying that now we are almost at the end of September, we can all start to feel a bit Autumnal. Yes, Summer days are now well and truly over for 2018 (well kinda because by the time this post goes up, I’ll be basking in the rays on a sunny beach in California). However, by the time I come back the days will be even shorter and we can all get excited for the BEST events of the year. I’m talking Halloween, Bonfire Night and the most awaited holiday of the year (dare I say it in September?) Christmas.

I wanted to share with you a few of the candles which I already know I am going to be loving this season because, let’s face it, there clearly isn’t a more cosier feeling then getting in on a cold or rainy day, turning on the twinkly lights, running a hot bubble bath and relaxing in amongst a sea of warmly lit candles – on the shelf not in the bath.

The Candle Selection

Black Vanilla candle – First up we have this little beauty. This is going to be the only candle in this blog post where I can’t name where it’s from. This is because I actually got given this as a leaving present from my old job and I have been saving it up until now to start burning it. It comes in a gorgeous glass jar (which we all know I shall keep after) with a marble style china lid. It’s a very light scent but looks beautiful placed on the mantel piece in our living room. Even though I don’t know where this candle was from, there are a lot of vanilla scented candles out there that do just the same job at making your home a cosier place to be.

An Everyday candle, Tuberose, Iris & Orange Leaves – Next up we have this beautifully designed candle from Everyday Studios. Their gorgeously designed and prepared candles are one of a kind, and being a new start up company their range is currently small but unique. I was very kindly sent this and was under no obligation to blog about it but I felt the need to. It comes in 100% recycled packaging and looks simple but extremely instagrammable. Their candles currently retail at £13.99 over on Amazon which I think is a small price to pay for what they are. Hard work from two very busy parents have gone into this company so I couldn’t urge you more to go and check them out and smell the divine scents this has filled my living space with every day (every day gettit?!)

Join handcrafted London, Bay + Rosemary soy wax oil candle Thirdly we have this luxurious VEGAN soy wax candle. I can’t say much about the candle other than the fact it smells insane and burns for hours! I have already had this burning for around 5 hours and it literally looks like it hasn’t even melted from the first time I lit the wick. It smells like an insomniac’s sleep dream as it is infused with essential oils to relax the mind and senses. The candles, diffuser’s and botanical mists from other scents in their range are made in South East London which is extremely locally sourced for me. This in turn, makes it one of my favourite scents to be burning this Autumn and at only £10 I think it’s definitely a budget friendly candle.

What things do you do to make your home a cosy one? Will you be purchasing any of the candles I mentioned above? Comment below with your ideas & thoughts!


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