Be a little bit more Hygge this Christmas

One thing I have been really getting into this year is practicing mindfulness and living just that little bit more Hygge. My mum actually introduced me to Hygge at the beginning of this year back in early January when she popped out and purchased a book all about the Hygge lifestyle and living just that little bit more Nordic. I was really intrigued at this concept as being able to calm down after my busy days was something I had really wanted to focus on for a while. I wanted to party less, spend more time in our home & enjoy life’s simple pleasures just that little bit more.

Why? I used to love nothing more than going out partying all weekend EVERY weekend but it gets to a point where it’s the same old and special occasions (i’m talking getting dressed up, drinking like there is no tomorrow & dancing the night away) just didn’t seem that special anymore. I wanted to wake up on a Sunday and feel fresh, ready to go for a swim or gym session, or a nice cold brisk walk which none of these things are possible with a sore head, dry mouth and regrets from the night before.

Being able to be ‘just a little bit more Hygge’ has taught me to enjoy living in the moment. Put my phone down, light a candle, breathe, make myself a cup of chamomile tea and watch my worries float away…


When I reached out to Hygge Box after noticing them through a blogger’s feed on Twitter I took the plunge, messaged them and asked if they worked with bloggers. They were ever so kind to send me their Advent box in preparation for the festive season and I was in awe as soon as it arrived. Hygge (pronounce hue-gah) is a Danish word that is a feeling or a mood that stems from making normal everyday things seem more special. Hygge box is a box that makes you feel cosy, feel beautiful and practice mindfulness. You can feel more Hygge and live the Hygge way by subscribing to a monthly box packed full of Danish and Hyggelig items that are delivered directly to your door via Royal Mail. The box itself is not just full of products, but it also contains items that you can get creative with and enjoy each different monthly theme to fully open up the Hygge experience. The guys behind Hygge Box fill each box with meaningful and new items for you to try that you can fully submerge yourself with, and take time out to have an end result of feeling good! Each box is £35 a month but once you scroll down below you will understand why. It is packed with so many treats and things to make that I think it is worth every £. Plus these guys take so much time, thought and care over each box so I think it is very well deserved! You can subscribe to a month to month box (where you can cancel at anytime), a 3 month sub or a yearly subscription. Their website also offers gifts to purchase online which are a great idea if you want to purchase a one time gift for someone.

First of all the box is very simple with it’s Hygge Box logo, open it up and you have some very festive holly imprinted tissue paper to keep all the goodies safe inside. I tried super hard not to rip this box or the paper as blogger photo’s need to be perfect for this occasion, am I right?! Danish Advent is a HUGE deal and starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas which this year falls on the day I am posting this blog (3rd December) and finishes on Christmas Eve. The idea of Hygge is about bringing people together, creating a wonderful atmosphere and using lights, decorations, indulgent moments, appreciating the harmony and peace whilst thinking about others. I for one am all about this and is something I want to bring into the New Year ready for a fresh start in 2018.


Before I get onto this section of the blog – I am super impressed that whatever creative activities have been included in this box have been aided by a Facebook video over on Hygge Box’s Facebook page in case you get stuck on how to make these cute Danish decorations! 

Mulled Wine Pouperri – I was super excited to receive this. I had actually only recently dried out my own oranges (let me know if you ever want a post on how to do this!) and hung them on my Christmas tree (see below for a very festive photo of this using my new Canon camera). But I loved this idea of putting it into a little netted bag, you can take it on the go wherever you want a feel like having a bit of a festive smell. Or you can keep it in a room where you want a room to smell nice. However, I may actually hang this in my wardrobe throughout the month of December so I can smell of Christmas.

Cracker Kit – I was really excited to see this in the box as it is something I have never done before. Making crackers is a fun way to customise your Christmas dinner table and this little box has included the snaps, hats and jokes so you can get stuck into making your very own crackers this Christmas. You can use wrapping paper, pages from a newspaper or any thin paper that can rip easily to create these festive snapsters!

Mulled Wine Kit – I am not gonna lie when I say this was probably the most exciting thing in the box for me. I was only saying to Ash the other day that I wanted to make my own mulled wine for the first time this Christmas. It’s now been made a lot easier for me as I now only have to purchase the bottle of red to go with this festive kit. I think I am going to save this one for Christmas Eve before we head to the pub and midnight mass. In Denmark this traditional drink is a favourite around Christmas time and they also add raisins and almonds to sweeten it up.

Hot Choc Spoon – I don’t know anyone that does not love a good cup of hot choc, especially at this time of the year. Infused with an injection of gin this is the perfect drink to just take a moment, indulge and…breathe.

Gold, Frankinscense & Myrrh Chocolate – This GORGE bar of choc is handmade in small batches by someone who is particularly passionate about chocolate. Chocolarder is made in Cornwall and with it’s unusual flavour combo it’s the perfect indulgence for a quiet moment or to bring out on the big day and wow your guests to go with an after dinner hot drink. It contains nothing but natural ingredients which means none of that bad stuff!




Pixie Doll Decoration – Nisse, Pixies and Lucia dolls are very popular to have as a Danish decoration. Pixies are often home made and are kept in the home to warn off any bad and negative vibes at Christmas. The Danish like to make new ones each year to add to their collection and put them around the home to brighten up the rooms. The one in this beautiful Hygge box has been decorated with a red and white mushroom for extra Nordic style.

Chocolate Marzipan Bar – A taste of Danish Christmas. Marzipan is a popular sweet in Denmark and is a popular food to have in the home around the month of December. On the 24th December a dessert called Risalamande is served. It is a rice pudding & someone gets an almond. They play a game of hiding the almond & the winner gets a prize of marzipan. Although I, myself have never been too fond of Marzipan I feel like this will be great to use for some baking treats I shall be making this month!

Advent Candle – I was extremely happy and annoyed to recieve this at the same time. Annoyed because not only had I just gone out and purchased my own advent candle before this cute box arrived but also super happy that I now have two to burn! This advent candle looks so traditional with it’s festive decoration and I will be enjoying taking time out for myself and lighting this every day to enjoy being in the moment. This season can be absolute madness, as we all know, so enjoying it’s warm glow for a few minutes will keep me calm and collected.

Danish Heart Kit – Woven hearts are a very important decoration in a Danish home on a Christmas tree. These decorations included in the box include the traditional red and white colours of Christmas and are woven to form a basket shape to be hung on the tree with treats. I shall be filling these with chocolate treats for Ash to add that something special to our tree this year.

Christmas Star & Wooden Heart Decorations – Hygge Box have been super generous with their cute decorations in this month’s box. Both the stars and hearts can be used either to make a garland or hung on the tree. I have hung both on my tree to fill in any missing spaces I had and it has made the perfect finishing touches to our tree this year. Both hearts and stars are a very popular Danish decoration and adding in the wooden theme brings a natural element into the home.



As you can see, there is so much in this box and I am very extremely lucky to have been sent this by the guys over at Hygge Box. I can’t quite believe how much this box was filled with and I am ever so grateful that I can now enjoy all these little treats this Christmas. I shall be posting a series of pictures over on my Instagram in the next few weeks of all the lovely creative stuff I have made. Let me know if you purchase this month’s advent box and don’t forget to check out their Twitter and Instagram for regular updates! Don’t forget that if you purchase any of Hygge’s sub boxes you can tag them on Twitter or Instagram so that they can be kept up-to-date with what everyone else has been up too.

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Happy Christmas! 


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