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The stresses of daily life can sometimes take it’s toll, whether it’s work related, negative feelings towards friendships or relationships or even times of the year that make us feel a little less happier than what we are used too. People often talk about working on their physical self such as going to the gym, working out, or making their appearance feel good on the outside, but what about our insides? Our mind? We quite often neglect our inner state of well being which actually is the most important factor of them all. 

When people think of mental health they automatically think negatively on the subject. There is already a massive taboo on mental health with people left wondering what they can do to help their mind be in the best state it can be.

Recently I have been implementing ways in which I can make my mind feel a happy and calm place every day. Whether that’s by reading a book, relaxing with a cuppa in front of my favourite Netflix series or running myself a hot bath, with a face mask, bubbles and my favourite LUSH bath bomb. I have also been taking 10 minutes out of my day to use the Calm app to just close my eyes and be in the moment which has helped me to wind down after a long day. 

When Manpreet reached out to me on Instagram offering me the chance for a full body deep tissue massage from her new up and running mobile massaging services (@pureserenityandwellnessuk)
I jumped at the chance of taking time out of my busy week on a Saturday afternoon to unwind and relax. As a person that works out regularly I am forever feeling tense and up tight with what feels like a hundred knots in my back. Fortunately my day was saved as not only did Manpreet provide a professional service, she also made me feel super comfortable and at ease in my own home! Massages are something that I really need to implement more of into my life, not only to work out my sore muscles from exercising but also to feel calm and relaxed. Did you know you are supposed to have massages every couple of weeks? Well I didn’t either. Manpreet remained very professional and was very attentive to my needs. After filling out a quick questionnaire and having a pre-massage chat she knew exactly what is was that I needed. She even provided a proper massage bed, towels, oils and soothing music. For us millennial’s leading busy lives, it can sometimes be hard to fit in time to look after ourselves, to take time, unwind, and relax and having someone come to your own space really takes that pressure off travelling in order to get to a massage appointment. Pure Serenity and Wellness took that pressure off me and I was able to relax in the comfort of my own home whilst someone else works their magic!

What do you do to improve your well being? Let me know & share some tips in the comments below!



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