Our Brighton Anniversary

On the 31st January 2018, Ash and I celebrated our 5 year milestone together. Having got together in 2013, the whole 5 years has been an adventure and I have tried to remember every single moment. I have blogged about our previous anniversaries, Mexican food, Barcelona…to name a few but this year we decided that we wanted to mark the occasion with a trip to Brighton.

Ever since me and Ash have been together we have always said we have wanted to go to Brighton one day. I used to go a lot as a child as some of my Mum’s family lived in Hove. But I hadn’t been in almost 10 years so it was about time we paid a visit! We decided that our trip would be a ‘Ash and Lils’ one and by that I mean none of this fancy ‘posh dining’ by eating lobster on the beach. I mean walking up and down the lanes, breathing in the fresh sea air, playing in the arcades and eating fish and chips in a greasy cafe. These little things are the ones that create fond memories, for me, of our relationship. (Plus we are trying to save for America so the cheaper the better for us, haha!)

We decided to drive down there instead of take the train from where we live (South London) because it ended up cheaper and also around the same time in driving as the train would. First of all, we headed straight down to the beach where we got a hot drink and walked along the pebbles. Ash tried his blogger photography skills to the test but due to the sun, position, and the way I was looking it didn’t work out. But as we all know life isn’t perfect so I wanted to include this snap to show the ‘behind the scenes’ of bloggers photography. Ash then picked me up the nicest shell and I instantly put it in my pocket. It reminded me of the way penguins who find their loves give them a pebble as a symbol of their forever love. Anyway, we headed up to the pier where it was beautifully sunny but extremely breezy – so thank god we wrapped up warm!! We headed straight into the arcade, this was a no brainer for us because we are such big kids at heart. Having spent £10 and donating most of our tickets that we won to charity (I kept a few for memorabilia), we then headed to take some photos on the pier.

We headed back up to ‘The Lanes’ including ‘North Laine’ and had a look at all the cute independent shops. THIS is what I love about Brighton. We live in a world of the same high street stores everywhere you look or go. Take Oxford Street for example; there’s probably about 4 H&m’s on one street! So it’s always nice to see independent businesses thriving. We found a shop called ‘Photomania’ down near Kensington Street and decided to pay for a vintage style photo to be taken to keep as our souvenir of the day (again we don’t do presents or expensive gifts to one another). The first photo was our favourite out of the 4, as we had no idea when the flash was going to go off and we ended up looking a little bit stunned! We headed into a pub (which, sorry I can’t remember the name of) for a drink and then decided it was time for something to eat.

As we headed back down to the beach the clouds started rolling in, so we hid in a typical seaside fish and chip shop and had a nice hot meal of battered fish, sausage and chips. Delicious! As the rain started to fall we felt cosy and content with our day together and it’s another amazing memory I shall be saving for years to come.

If you want to see a Vlog taken of our day, then head on over to my YouTube channel! I didn’t want to do a proper vlog with lots of chit chat but more of a sightseeing video to remember our day!

Where do you go to celebrate milestones with your other half? Can you recommend anywhere for us to go in Brighton on our next visit?


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