‘Soft Home Touches’ Pretty Ventura Review

My ever growing ‘TO DO’ list of things I STILL want to buy for the flat almost 3 years on from moving here never seems to get any shorter. “Buy a shelving unit for the hallway, put up more pictures & prints around the flat, buy more bedding, throw out the old chipped mugs and buy new ones.” I say this to myself on a weekly basis and it’s these niggly little things in life that constantly need updating and refreshing, and that take the most time getting around to do. Am I the only one feeling like this? If not, read on…

When I reached out to Pretty Ventura about their brand, they offered to kindly send me some items which would start me off on this journey to shortening ‘said’ list. Their collection of products include; prints, mugs, cushions and phone cases, but the thing that drew me in the most was their affordable and personalised alphabet collections. Being named after cities around the world, their personalised collections are so unique and extremely blogger friendly. When I mean blogger friendly I mean Instagram worthy and would look good in any candid photo or background prop.

I personally don’t think this brand gets enough reviews or recognition and at an extremely affordable price, who wouldn’t want to purchase little objects to make their homes just that little bit more inviting? Their whole aspect is to #colouryourworld your own way so they provide you with plenty of designs and colours to choose from. They even offer a custom print service where they are open to you sending in your prints and having your own custom designs printed on a product of your choice. The main thing is, they won’t take any charge from you until your 100% happy!


I couldn’t quite believe just how gorgeous the products were. The cushion they sent me was part of their ‘New York’ collection, simple black on white which makes it’s design so simple and chic, which was exactly what I was looking for. The mug in the same personalised ‘L’ New York design print went really well with the cushion. I’m not really one for making anything in my home match (which quietly resembles my hectic lifestyle) but I was super pleased with myself that I actually managed to choose a theme along the same lines. 

Finally, they sent over a print. Something I actually never thought I would like in a print, but I was immediately drawn to the colours. Having already chosen the typical black on white print for both of the other items, I chose a more colourful print. Now I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’ve never actually owned a Chanel perfume, BUT that doesn’t mean to say my favourite colour isn’t pink and I can’t have it hanging, wishingly, above where my make up stays. Maybe one day I’ll own the real thing? (**NB I did pop to Dunelm & purchase this cute wooden photo frame for a bargain £4.99!)

So there you have it, a few extra home touches to make my home feel a little bit newer…well, for now anyway! What do you do to make your home feel new again? Do you purchase all new items in bulk or do you buy extra things now and again like me? Let me know in the comments below!


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