Why I Feel Okay About Never Having That “Iconic” Girl Gang

I am currently sitting here, having just found out (on a bank holiday weekend) that all my plans have now been cancelled. My first response? Get upset, have a little cry, thus making my boyfriend feel bad for going out with his friends because I am crying on his shoulder and he dosen’t want me to feel upset and be alone (because he is a gem like that.) Then call upon old friends who haven’t had my back in the past to see if they want to hang out as a last resort.

Now let’s rewind the scenario slightly. YES, I did initially feel all those things. Did I do them? The answer is a big fat NO. Why? Because I know I am better than that, I am stronger, I am NOT going to ruin anyone else’s day nor am I about to let some minor thing ruin my day/bank holiday weekend in August.

So you may be sat here reading this wondering what I did instead? I picked myself up, walked to the local Sainsburys, grabbed some biscuits (the chocolate digestive kind) to have with a cuppa – because we all know when someone says “I’ll put the kettle on” there’s a sigh of relief. I then walked further up the road to Superdrug, grabbed myself a foot mask, because I have never tried one and clearly now is the time for a pamper. I then proceeded to walk home, grabbed my Disney PJ leggings, scour my boyfriends drawers for the baggiest & cosiest jumper I could find, because ALAS it’s raining, cold & windy today. I then plonked myself on the sofa, switched on the fairy lights and lit some candles. I opened up a laptop and started writing this blog post about how I am not going to let this upset me or keep me pondering as to why I have never had “that” girl gang that I could whatsapp and meet up with for giggles every weekend.

(I’m no good at this posing malarky)

The point of this blog post? YOU DO NOT NEED ANYONE TO MAKE YOU HAPPY and today has proved that for the 50,000 time. I have been let down numerous times in the past by friends who I could never even dream of would let me down. I am a sensitive person and I have feelings just like anybody else. However, I will not let these things bother me as much as they used to because I now have the ability to turn them into a positive outcome. For example,  I’ve got to write this spanking new blog post out of it, I’ve got to share my current thoughts, feelings and perhaps advice and tips to you guys and I know full well that there will be other girls (or guys) out there reading this that can relate. Last but not least, I am going to have super sparkley and soft feet by the time I have written up this blog post, no thanks to Superdrug and the 2 pound coin I had mingling around in my purse since the dinosaurs were around.

It was then when I got home that I reminded myself of the friends I do have – that they are my world and that they would do anything to make me feel happy. Okay so they don’t live in London but they do have my back & they are on Whatsapp if I ever need them. We don’t see each other as often as I would like but when we do it’s like nothing has ever changed and we just pick back up from where we left off. Surely that’s when you know it’s true friendship?! This is why I feel okay about it – yes the initial feeling of being let down never goes away but it’s also a reminder of being grateful for the people that won’t let you down and will continue to stick by your side through thick and thin.

(lol @ the poor old sod eating his sandwich) 

Whether you have a TON of friends or if you have two close friends that you would move mountains for, remember that everyone’s experience with friendships is entirely different. Don’t compare yourself to others, do what makes you feel happy, turn negatives into positives and make the most out of what you have. Yes, you are allowed to have down moments about it, but you can’t let it define your life and stop you from achieving and doing the things you want to do!

Do you ever feel let down by friendships? Share in the comments below and give words of wisdom to others who could be feeling the same!


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