About Me

My name is Lily,

I am 28 years young and a self motivated blogger and YouTuber from London, enthusiast of all things lifestyle & beauty related…with a hint of fitness! It was when I was at University that I decided to start a blog and a YouTube channel after indulging in other’s amazing content creations online. It was then that Lily May was born, in October of 2014 (Lily being my actual real name and May being my birth month).

I chose to write about all the things I liked, the things I felt most passionate about and wanted to share with the rest of the world. I can’t believe that in such a small space of time people have been following, reading and watching all my online content and I can only hope my little space will continue to grow. I’ve had the privilege of meeting some amazing other bloggers and YouTuber’s as well as working with some smaller and larger brands and I only hope you enjoy what I do just as much as I do!