Hidden London

Hello my beauties!

I have a bit a different blog post for you all this time. I wanted to share with you a few recent places I have visited over the last few days, whilst I have been enjoying the beginning of my Easter break off work.

Since living in London I have realised that there is much more to it than the usual tourist places which as a Londoner I now deem as HELL. Places such as Oxford Street, St Pauls, London Bridge etc etc are now on my no-go-zone areas (as I think in more recent years they have lost their independence and uniqueness) the only place that I can literally consider going now is the Southbank (near the London Eye). AND I KNOW although this can be deemed as a very touristy spot, it is a very special place for me due to the memories that it holds. I graduated here, I love the individuality of the skate park and the cute little book stall that is held under the bridge on the way down to Black Friars station…but…I have done it, one thousand times and recently I have been looking into other places I can go to tick off my London to-do list. Because let’s face it, in this huge city there are so many cute and quirky places I just haven’t visited and as one of my new year’s resolutions was to be a bit more spontaneous I am sticking to it, and really well!

A uni friend of mine and I trotted around Hyde Park recently and it reminded me of when I did my half marathon back in October. Eventually we ended up walking along Edgware Road and then down a side road where we came to an off-the-beaten-track pub. I loved the way it was set out, it was quiet and quaint and the houses around there were GORGEOUS. I had to snap a picture of of my friend next to this particular house because her coat matched and who doesn’t love a bright yellow house?!

Another place that I visited recently was BoxPark in Shoreditch, if you are a Londoner too you may well be aware that they have recently opened one in Croydon too, but since me and my friend Emily wanted to carry on to check out Brick Lane we decided to head for this one.

The one in Shoreditch has one of the first pop-up malls which is SUCH a good idea for those running an independent business. The shops on the first floor were full of boutique gems, rare items of clothing and nic-nacs, some pricier than others but all so pretty. I could have spent a fortune but I kept my purse strings tight to avoid the ‘too much month left at the end of my money’ feeling. On the top floor it was full of eating places and bars where my friend and I stopped for a glass of pimms (whoops, couldn’t resist!) I can imagine this place to be buzzing in the evening during the summer, especially the larger middle bar – I shall definitely be back here in the warmer months!

Afterwards we walked onto Brick Lane and even though the famous market was not on (it was a Tuesday and it only runs at weekends) we walked around to get a feel of the place. I loved the narrow streets and the incredible street art that was shown in every nook and cranny you could find. We found a back lane leading to an open yard around the back of some shops where we soon realised that we were not the only ones taking a trillion photos of what was on the walls. Every space possible was covered and I couldn’t help but snap a few photos! 


So what do you think of hidden London? Do you have any gems you could share for me to go and visit?
I’d love to hear your thoughts! xox



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